This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Shiftee Basic – Employee and Staff Scheduling


Shiftee Basic does everything you need to keep track of your staff schedules! Whether you have paid employees or volunteers, Shiftee can track their schedule, their worked hours, and their expenses.

  • Create a work schedule for staff
  • Send email notifications to staff when their shifts are created or updated
  • Display the schedule on your website – only logged-in users will see it
  • Staff can clock in and clock out
  • Staff can report expenses and mileage

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Upgrade to Shiftee for even more features!

  • Bulk create shifts
  • Bulk edit shifts
  • Staff can claim unassigned shifts
  • Staff can drop shifts
  • Manager user role
  • Create payroll reports
  • Easily filter shifts and expenses on several criteria
  • View report comparing staffs’ scheduled hours to hours actually worked
  • Personal, priority support


  • Plugin settings page
  • Creating a shift
  • Master schedule
  • Your schedule – the employee who is logged in sees only their own shifts
  • Single shift view – if the shift is assigned to the logged-in user who is viewing the shift on the day the shift is scheduled, a “clock in” button appears. If they have already clocked in, they will see a “clock out” button.
  • Expense report form
  • Extra work form, for reporting work that is not a part of a scheduled shift
  • Shift overview in dashboard


The Plugin can be installed directly from the main WordPress Plugin page.

  1. Go to the Plugins => Add New page.
  2. Enter ‘Shiftee Basic’ (without quotes) in the textbox and click the ‘Search Plugins’ button.
  3. In the list of relevant Plugins click the ‘Install’ link.
  4. Click the ‘Install Now’ button on the popup page.
  5. Click ‘Activate Plugin’ to finish installation.
  6. That’s it!

After installation, you can go to Shiftee Basic –> Instructions in your WordPress dashboard to learn how to configure the plugin.


For complete documentation, visit the Shiftee Basic Documentation

Installation Instructions

The Plugin can be installed directly from the main WordPress Plugin page.

  1. Go to the Plugins => Add New page.
  2. Enter ‘Shiftee Basic’ (without quotes) in the textbox and click the ‘Search Plugins’ button.
  3. In the list of relevant Plugins click the ‘Install’ link.
  4. Click the ‘Install Now’ button on the popup page.
  5. Click ‘Activate Plugin’ to finish installation.
  6. That’s it!

After installation, you can go to Shiftee Basic –> Instructions in your WordPress dashboard to learn how to configure the plugin.


Háset 15, 2019
Plugin hasn’t been updated in a year, as a paying customer I expected to get good support. They don’t even respond any more, it’s ridiculous. Check out the issue que, there are too many people who this isn’t working for. I don’t think it is compatible with PHP 7.2, but I can’t find any documentation. Wish there was an alternative.
Sáwir 18, 2019
Wordpress 5.x has been out a while now and the gutenberg editor has been known about for even longer. Time to upgrade the plugin. I would post in the support forum but as of right now, there’s 9 unanswered posts spanning the past 9 months. She’s dead Jim Things just don’t work, 404 pages etc. On the shift post edit screen, the Screen Options won’t even open for me. There’s no hours to choose from. The meta box for it just has a name and that’s it. Choosing employee does nothing but jump up the page a bit. I followed the well written instructions but nice graphics and copy writing means nothing if the product doesn’t work. All around broken and they don’t seem to have the desire to do anything with it
Aqırap 30, 2018 1 reply
I want to love this plugin, I do. However, after using both the free and the paid for version, and writing for help (to the same email address often shown in this plugins support forum and on their site). I’ve gone absolutely no where but slower and slower, to the point where my boss has ordered me to solve or remove. In analysis, if all plugins are disabled, and a bone stock WP template used. Turning Shiftee on creates a 27 second page load. WOW! That’s horrible. 27 seconds just to see the home page!? Same test: All plugins on, modified custom theme, Shiftee OFF – 2 second page load. I wonder which plugin is the culprit here…? SHIFTEE! We’ve run Shiftee for only a few months, but in that few months, we’ve witnessed Shiftee slow our site more and more. To a level that is incomprehensible. At this point, it is an unusable product. Paying for the pro version did nothing for us, other than NOT receive ANY support responses. Looking into how this plugin is made – it’s just all wrong and amazing that WordPress would allow this in their systems. It attempts to load itself on every single page. It creates extraneous entries in our database and plugins like Sweep show 26,467 unused Terms which can not be swept. Fields like “Extra, Paid Time Off, Worked, Mileage, Receipt, Reimbursed” are repeated over and over thousands of times, despite being of no use to us. And to think, all we wanted to use was just the ability to show a simple schedule to our employees. Nothing else! 1 Location. Only a handful of positions in a very small Mom & Pop business. In short, do not waste your time on this plugin. It is not yet ready for use. It’s a ticking time bomb, which will end with your site loading so slow that your employee’s will hate you. More employees, more shifts, it will happen sooner. We got about 3 months, your mileage may vary. To the plugin maker: We give you money, and you give us this!??? Please, re-evaluate and take pride in responding to your licensed support requests. We would have paid for a fix, but I guess your too busy scamming us all with this dreadful bit of code you have here. It needs serious work.
Dáliw 16, 2018 3 replies
Slowed my website down a lot. Website would literally take 3 or 4 mins to load.
Saratan 29, 2017 1 reply
I spent a whole frustrating afternoon trying to configure the basic free version, with a view to upgrading to paid if it worked well. Unfortunately I was unable to make this plugin work as various functions did not execute properly. Large numbers of “not found” links for both administrators and users. I have now deleted the plugin, and moved to to seek another solution. There is definitely a market for a well-written, intuitive “clock in/out” scheduler. Regrettably this product comes up short.
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  • bug fix: fix php error in some environments that prevented Shiftee settings and user data from being saved


  • bug fix: prevent JS errors if other plugins/themes load the same assets


  • improvement: schedules now display as a calendar instead of a table
  • improvement: new setting options for date format and time format, which will work for international users


  • fix bug that caused fatal error with older versions of PHP


  • improvement: add filter to date time format to make it easier to customize
  • new feature: add clock in email notifications
  • improvement: better style and script enqueuing so that shortcodes will work in widgets and meta boxes
  • improvement: add ‘job’ parameter to master_schedule shortcode


  • bug fix: fix problem with date formats that include ordinals (such as 5th June 2017) in date picker


  • improvement: switch from WP Alchemy to CMB2 for meta boxes
  • new feature: overnight/multi-day shifts
  • improvement: change “employee” to “staff” globally
  • improvement: front-end displays follow user settings for date and time display formats
  • improvement: on job page in admin, do not show connected shifts and expenses
  • improvement: break settings page into sensible sections
  • improvement: master schedule fits better in smaller spaces and smaller screens


  • improvement: better error reporting if user has turned off geolocation data
  • bug fix: fix the syntax error that prevented expense receipts from saving
  • improvement: add filter to the ‘CC:’ on the notification email sent to employees when a shift is created and assigned to them


  • improvement: add filter to today shortcode to make it customizable
  • improvement: remove “shift” archive page (some users will need to save permalinks to see this change)


  • bug fix: make master_schedule shortcode work with parameters
  • bug fix: make your_schedule shortcode display jobs
  • improvement: make email character set translatable


  • bug fix: rename wpaesm_filter_your_schedule to shiftee_filter_your_schedule
  • bug fix: make managers appear on the Bulk Shift Creator
  • bug fix: don’t load scripts on employee_profile page in dashboard
  • bux fix: error message in sidebar on instructions page


  • Rebranding: change name to Shiftee Basic
  • complete code overhaul
  • add “location” to master schedule view


  • added lots of CSS classes to schedule to make it easy to customize
  • compatibility with Shiftee On Demand
  • compatibility with Shiftee Text Notifications
  • security improvements
  • added Location to extra work form
  • added receipt image upload field to expense report form
  • added optional parameter to master shortcode to make it publicly viewable
  • fixed bug in dashboard view of master schedule
  • add option for currency
  • improvements to the “add a note” form on single shift view
  • support for WordPress language packs
  • on the master schedule, multiple assigned shifts are hidden with a toggle to view them all


  • fixed bug that prevented job title from displaying in today shortcode


  • fixed bug that prevented multiple shifts per day from showing on your schedule shortcode


  • fixed bug in expense report form


  • added actions so that On Demand add-on can add more fields to employee profile
  • user must be logged in as administrator or employee to see employee profile shortcode
  • changes to CSS and JS to accommodate On Demand
  • fixed bug in extra work shortcode


  • removed the “change shift status” form from the single shift view – employees can no longer change shift status
  • actually fixed the master schedule bug that 1.8.1 claimed to fix


  • when creating shifts, you can connect to users with any user role (limiting to employee created more problems than it solved)
  • fixed bug that prevented some shifts from appearing in the master schedule


  • added hooks and filters throughout to make customization/extension easier. See documentation
  • “your schedule” shortcode shows the same shift status background colors as the “master schedule” shortcode
  • fixed CSS on master schedule so that schedule navigation looks better
  • added “type”, “status”, and “location” parameters to master_schedule and your_schedule shortcodes
  • added “former employee” user role
  • when creating shifts, you can only connect to users with “employee” user role


  • fixed bug that prevented bulk shift updater in Shiftee Pro from working


  • added option to send an email to site admin whenever an employee clocks out
  • added option to require admin approval before counting extra shifts as worked


  • error messages will display if clock in and clock out times are not recorded
  • added new admin page to view schedules
  • added location taxonomy to shifts
  • updated code documentation


  • when employee fills out “extra work” form, the scheduled time fields are filled in
  • make shifts show up on schedule when no job is assigned
  • make shifts show up on schedule when no employee is assigned
  • add HTML to emails
  • change h2 to h1 on admin screens to conform to new accessibility standards
  • improved options validation
  • added filters to accommodate new features in Shiftee Pro (ability to drop and claim shifts)
  • fixed compatibility problem with wpp2p and WP 4.3


  • fix compatibility issues with other plugins using WPP2P


  • improved geolocation error reporting
  • minor changes to work with schedule conflict checking in Shiftee Pro


  • updated datetimepicker js library
  • fixed bugs in [employee_profile] shortcode


  • fixed header on “your schedule” shortcode to show the correct dates
  • when clock out button is visible, clock in time is displayed
  • fixed formatting issues on [employee_profile] shortcode


  • made shift email notifications more reliable
  • improved shift status change notification email


  • removed conflict with other plugins that use WP Alchemy for metaboxes
  • removed extraneous files
  • minor fixes to be compatible with Shiftee Pro


  • Initial release