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Kenta Blocks – Responsive Blocks and block templates library

Kenta Blocks – Responsive Blocks and block templates library


Kenta Blocks is a set of responsive blocks with powerful options and pre-designed templates library. It display perfectly and fully customize, whether desktop or mobile. It takes full advantage of the WordPress editor’s features. With the simple and easy-to-use interface, you can visually design any post and page, whether you are a beginner or a professional designer.

The Awesome Gutenberg blocks we have

  • Section You can add various columns and nested sections. In addition, you can insert blocks in each section to create various unique layouts. You can also set the background, shadows, etc. for each section and column.
  • Buttons Redirect users to your important pages or websites.
  • Icon Use 2000+ FontAwesome icons in your website. Catch the visitor’s eye.
  • Cover Core/cover block enhancements, fully customizable backgrounds, shadows, overlay styles and shape divider, and it’s useful for create amazing Big Hero.
  • Spacer Add space between blocks to make your design more appealing and cleaner
  • Heading Create a customizable title for each section with various markups from H1 to H6, You can also use 1000+ Google fonts.
  • Paragraph Create a customizable paragraph width 1000+ Google fonts and multiple setting options.
  • Image Core/image block enhancements, You can set shadows, borders, border radius and css filters for images.
  • Separator Core/separator block enhancements, You can set shadows, style, radius, width, height and color for separator.
  • Group Core/group block enhancements, You can set padding, margin, shadows, background, borders and border radius for group.
  • Row Core/row block enhancements, You can set padding, margin, shadows, background, borders and border radius for row.
  • Stack Core/stack block enhancements, You can set padding, margin, shadows, background, borders and border radius for stack.
  • Slides Display a carousel with any blocks in the slides, also known as sliders, slick, slideshow.
  • Query Loop An advanced block that allows displaying post types based on different query parameters and visual configurations.
  • Query Pagination Displays a paginated navigation to next/previous set of posts, when applicable.
  • Posts Grid Use a grid layout that contains the block elements used to render a post, like the title, date, featured image, content or excerpt, and more.
  • Posts Featured Image Display a post’s featured image.
  • Posts Title Displays the title of a post, page, or any other content-type.
  • Posts Taxonomy Displays the taxonomy of a post, page, or any other content-type.
  • Posts Metas Displays the author, date, comments information of a post or page.
  • Posts Excerpt Display a post’s excerpt.


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Contributors & Developers

“Kenta Blocks – Responsive Blocks and block templates library” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix: Security fix


  • Ref: Add boxed container layout in group block
  • Ref: Add boxed container layout in stack block
  • Ref: Add boxed container layout in row block
  • Ref: Add vw/vh unit
  • Fix: Color picker error in global style section


  • Ref: Only show opt-in notice for admins
  • Ref: PHP8.2 support


  • Add: Particles effect in cover block (BETA)
  • Fix: Slides block not working in widgets area
  • Fix: Fixed the toolbar style error in old WP version


  • Fix: Templates library style error in WP 6.3
  • Ref: SDK update
  • Ref: Update Query block
  • Add: WooCommerce blocks


  • Ref: Update card preset style


  • Add: Css position for image, icon, buttons, row, stack, group block
  • Add: Paragraph text shadow effect
  • Ref: Update Freemius SDK


  • Add: Background clip option for Paragraph & Heading block
  • Add: New Posts Magazine & Posts List template
  • Add: 25/25/25/25 section template
  • Ref: Update max border width limit
  • Fix: Post Metas block edit error


  • Fix: React render error in WP6.2
  • Fix: Background modal control width over the sidebar
  • Fix: Gradient editor not available in WP6.2


  • Fix: Buttons block style error
  • Fix: Section block style error


  • Add: New Query Loop (KB) block
  • Add: New Query Pagination (KB) block, which is a child of Query Loop block
  • Add: New Posts Grid (KB) block, which is a child of Query Loop block
  • Add: New Post Featured Image (KB) block
  • Add: New Post Title (KB) block
  • Add: New Post Taxonomy (KB) block
  • Add: New Post Metas (KB) block
  • Add: New Post Excerpt (KB) block
  • Add: Allows to set a link for a block(column/row/group/stack) and make it clickable (Beta)


  • Ref: Force clear cache after plugin update
  • Perf: Improves performance


  • Fix: Css generate error
  • Fix: Nested stack or row block style errors
  • Fix: Dynamic script cache error
  • Fix: Slides block slides gap saving error


  • Add: Align-items property for row block
  • Ref: Update the block editor style and the front-end look closer
  • Add: Support save dynamic styles/scripts to a file (Premium)


  • Add: New slides block
  • Ref: Row block is free now
  • Ref: Stack block is free now
  • Ref: Group block is free now
  • Fix: Pattern library compatibility check
  • Fix: Kenta gutenberg templates library ui color theme


  • Ref: Admin dashboard


  • Add: Block documentation
  • Ref: Add useful links in settings page


  • Ref: Update admin screen
  • Fix: Security updates


  • Add: Transform options (Premium Beta)
  • Add: Advanced attributes for icon block
  • Fix: Paragraph & heading block editor style error


  • Add: Add separator block
  • Add: Order attribute in column block
  • Ref: Update modal style
  • Fix: Paragraph block editor style error


  • Add: New group, row and stack block (Premium)
  • Add: Border and border radius attributes support for paragraph and heading block
  • Ref: WordPress 5.6+ support
  • Fix: Section block is not available
  • Fix: Templates library error


  • Add: Kenta Blocks Library
  • Add: Override global color settings in block
  • Add: Block style paragraph & heading
  • Ref: Pricing page v2
  • Ref: Security Updates


  • Fix: Heading & paragraph block style error
  • Ref: Kenta v1.0.4 support


  • Fix: Heading & paragraph default display property
  • Ref: Turn off editor responsive preview setting by default


  • Add: Global overflow settings
  • Ref: Update Heading & Paragraph block


  • Add: Box hover style for premium
  • Add: Inset shadow support
  • Fix: Section block boxed container editor style error


  • Fix: Missing overlay style in the frontend
  • Fix: Shape divider attrs type error
  • Fix: Image border radius error in the fronted
  • Ref: Update button block


  • Add: Image block
  • Ref: Paragraph & Heading block link color options
  • Ref: Icon Button no link tag
  • Ref: Boxed section block
  • Ref: Overlay filter, opacity, blend mode
  • Fix: Gradient picker outside click error


  • Add: Editor responsive preview option
  • Add: Paragraph & Heading block align self attribute
  • Add: Icon block
  • Ref: Column & Section overflow style
  • Fix: Breakpoints error
  • Fix: Widgets area block parse error
  • Fix: Box style editor preview error


  • Hello Word!