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Spectra (Formerly, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg)

Power-up the Gutenberg editor with advanced and powerful blocks that help you build websites in no time! This first Gutenberg plugin is here to make website building an ultimate journey.

Check out the live Spectra blocks demos.

Simply pick your favorite WordPress blocks from Spectra that speed up the process of website building with easy to use settings and customizations for intuitive visual styling.

With Spectra, we took the hassle out of the website building process. It gives you a number of unique and creative blocks for Gutenberg that help you build and design pages or posts without a single line of code. An easy to use interface and several customizations make it easier to build pages and complete websites without any custom code.

See the Spectra in action!

Ready-to-use Full Website Demos for Gutenberg

Get professionally designed 20+ pre-built FREE starter sites built using Gutenberg, Spectra and the Astra theme. These can be imported in just a few clicks. Tweak them easily and build awesome websites in minutes!

These Gutenberg starter sites give you –

  • Pixel perfect ready websites in which you can just change the images and text to make them your own.
  • Thoughtfully built ready-to-use websites for different niches such as local businesses, restaurants, agencies, online stores, blogs, etc.

See Website Demos

FREE And Popular Gutenberg Compatible Theme

Over 1+ million users are empowering their websites with Astra – 100% Gutenberg compatible theme! From beginners to industry experts, everyone is loving Astra for its performance and ease of use.

Reasons why people love the Astra Theme

  • Faster Performance : Astra follows the best coding standards and lets you build faster loading and better performing websites.
  • Easy Customization : Astra keeps it simple and gives you lots of options to customize everything with a few clicks from the customizer itself.
  • Pixel Perfect Design : Astra reduces your design time by giving you pixel-perfect FREE ready-to-use websites demos within a huge library of starter sites.
  • Deeper Integrations : Astra works seamlessly with all major WooCommerce plugins, LifterLMS, LearnDash etc. You can use this theme to create different types of websites.

Astra’s Compatibility with Gutenberg Assures –

  • Front-end styling in Gutenberg Editor : The styling of your post or page is the same in the Gutenberg editor as well as the front end. Therefore, you know the changes you are working on.
  • Gutenberg blocks inherit theme settings : We’ve made sure that default Gutenberg blocks like Quote, Galleries, Files, etc. Inherit the settings from the Astra customizer.
  • Full-width support for Gutenberg blocks : We have enabled the full-width alignment in Astra and hence support this option added for blocks like the image, cover image, gallery, and post.

You can read more in a detailed article about Astra’s compatibility with Gutenberg.

Learn Spectra from Tutorials

Not sure how the blocks work? With detailed knowledge base articles about every creative WordPress blocks in Spectra, we are here to make things easy for you and help you at every step.

We also have an informative and detailed article that will help you to get started with Spectra in few easy steps.

Spectra WordPress Blocks Library

  • Container : The Container block allows you to create beautiful layouts with flexbox powered container.
  • Image : The Image block add a images on your webpage and provide multiple customization options.
  • Star Ratings : The Star Ratings block on a webpage can build trust and attract more customers. It allows you to add and completely customize star ratings anywhere on the Gutenberg page.
  • Forms : The Forms block allow you to create interactive contact form, newsletter, suggestion, etc easily. You can add various fields like name, email, message box, phone number, checkboxes to your form and get more leads.
  • Tabs : The Tabs block offers an easy way to display tabbed content and enables you to add long content in a smaller place to enhances the user experience.
  • Lottie Animation : Add attractive animation to your page design. Get a total control with advanced options like animation speed, animation trigger etc, You can reverse the animation, manage the size and do much more.
  • Review : Add a review for a book, movie, course, software application, or product with star ratings. Enable review schema support just with a click to get higher rankings for your page/post in search results.
  • Taxonomy List : With this block, you can easily display categories for post/pages or custom post types. Further, you can style it with a grid, list, or dropdown layout and set color, typography.
  • How-to : This block allows you to design attractive How-to pages or articles that can describe the step-by-step procedure to achieve certain goals. The best thing is this block will automatically add How-to Schema to your page that can boost ranking in search results.
  • FAQ : This block helps you answering user’s common queries in an easy and attractive way. You also get a one-click option to apply FAQ Schema on the page. That helps to display content in a rich snippet that can pull more traffic to your website.
  • Inline Notice : Sometimes while writing a procedure or steps to achieve some end results, you might need users to pay attention to a few important notes. Inline Notice block provides a nice ready-to-use box where you can quickly add text to highlight it.
  • Heading : The Advanced Heading block lets you add a combination of a heading and a sub-heading with a separator in between. You can select the heading tag for the heading and manage other settings and customizations too.
  • Blockquote : This Blockquote block lets you display quoted tweetable text in a trendy and designer format with lots of customization options.
  • Call To Action : The Call To Action block helps you to create attractive call-to-action with a trendy title, description and a catchy button that boosts conversions on your website.
  • Content Timeline : The Timeline block lets you create beautiful timelines on your website. This could be useful for displaying company history or progress, list down your personal achievements, roadmap or release cycle for products etc.
  • Google Map : The Google Maps block allows you to display locations with zooming options you’ll love to try.
  • Icon List : The Icon List block allows you to place an image or icon in a list format. You can pick your favorite icon or image that suits a list to act as a bullet for each list item.
  • Info Box : The Infobox allows you to place an image or icon along with a heading and description within a single block. You can select the image or icon and customize the content within the block.
  • Marketing Button : The Marketing Button block allows you to create trendy CTA that aim at attracting the audience with conversion oriented text and a stunning button with lots of customization.
  • Buttons : This Gutenberg block allows you to add multiple buttons within a single block. You can add as many as 1 to 5 buttons with a Multi-Button block. Furthermore, it gives you additional settings for every button and allows you to manage spacing and responsive settings too.
  • Post Carousel : Wish to create a post slider in which your blog posts appear within a carousel? The Post Carousel block allows you to display posts in a carousel and manage their settings and the content you wish to display within them.
  • Post Grid : The Post Grid block fetches the blog posts you may have on your website and displays them in a grid layout. You can customize the order of your posts, and manage settings like the featured image, content, etc.
  • Post Timeline : The Post Timeline block helps you display the blog posts on your website in an ordered list according to the dates they are published on. You can customize the content seen for each blog post and manage the date, featured image etc.
  • Price List : This block allows you to design a nice-looking, easy to manage, Price List for your website.
  • Social Share : The Social Share block allows you to let users share your content across various social networking sites.
  • Table Of Contents : The Table of Contents Block lets you display an index or a list of headings included within a long post or page. This gives users an overview of the content and links to the specific sections on the page or post.
  • Team : The Team block allows you to display your team. Add their picture, name, what they do and links to their social profiles.
  • Testimonial : The Testimonial block helps your display some amazing client feedback within your website in carousel layout.

Many More Blocks Coming Soon!

Build Faster and Better Performing Websites

Spectra is built for speed and performance along with lots of flexibility and ease of use. This is the only advanced addon you may need to build a complete website with the default WordPress editor and the Astra theme. This combination for sure will take away the extra bloat from your website making it much lighter and faster to load.

Support That Cares!

We understand the need for a quality product backed by dedicated support that cares. We are here to listen to all your queries and help you make the most out of our plugin.

Need help? We are just a click away!

Want To Contribute To The Plugin?

You may now contribute to the plugin on Github: Spectra on Github


Our external packages use Rating Star Component that are distributed under the terms of the ISC. While Slick, Lottie and Striptags is distributed under the terms of the MIT.


This plugin provides 40 blocks.

  • Table Of Contents
  • Taxonomy List
  • Post Grid
  • Post Carousel
  • Spectra - WordPress Gutenberg Blocks
  • Spectra - WordPress Gutenberg Blocks
  • Image
  • Spectra - WordPress Gutenberg Blocks
  • Spectra - WordPress Gutenberg Blocks
  • Post Timeline
  • Google Maps
  • Image Gallery
  • Lottie Animation
  • Heading
  • Blockquote
  • Buttons
  • Call To Action
  • Container
  • Countdown
  • Counter
  • FAQ
  • Form
  • How To
  • Icon List
  • Icon
  • Info Box
  • Inline Notice
  • Marketing Button
  • Modal
  • Popup Builder
  • Price List
  • Review
  • Separator
  • Slider
  • Social Share
  • Star Ratings
  • Tabs
  • Team
  • Testimonials
  • Content Timeline


  1. Install the Spectra either via the WordPress plugin directory or by uploading the files to your server at wp-content/plugins.

You can refer to our getting started article to know more.

For more information, please visit our Knowledge Base.


Who should use the Spectra?

The Spectra is a complete package of unique and creative blocks that help build beautiful pages and posts on a website. Therefore, it is certainly an asset for all those who love Gutenberg.

What are the requirements to use the Spectra?

You only need to have the latest version of WordPress on your website, to begin with. The Spectra is basically an addon for the default WordPress editor. Therefore, the latest WordPress installation along with a theme should be enough, to begin with.

What themes does the Spectra work with?

The Spectra is built to work great with all the themes. But, Astra being among the first ones to be Gutenberg ready, we recommend you to try using Astra since it is lightweight, fast, simple and comes with a lot of options.

Can I use the Spectra even while having another Page Builder?

The basic need of the Spectra is the latest WordPress version. We have also made it compatible with all major page builders and therefore, it won’t interfere in their working. Should you need help, you can get in touch with us.

Can I use the Spectra on client websites?

Yes! You can certainly use the Spectra on yours as well as your client’s websites.

Will the Spectra slow down my website?

Absolutely no! The Spectra is built with ease and performance in mind. Its module architecture and the clean code keep it lightweight and fast. Therefore, it will not affect your website speed and performance in any way.

What more do I get with the Spectra?

When you use the Spectra along with the free Astra theme, you get a huge library of ready-to-use starter sites that can be imported and used to build your own. Read an article about the Starter Sites with Gutenberg to know more.


Háset 8, 2023 1 reply
I'm so happy to have purchased this plugin. Each time I have a question I create a ticket and they promtly respond with accurate and helpful answers. Blocks are really nice, plenty of options and well designed. I'm not comfortable with any other builder than Gutenberg so this plugin is really awesome.
Háset 3, 2023 1 reply
I recently had the unfortunate experience of using this builder, and I must say it was a highly frustrating and time-consuming endeavour. From its sluggish performance to constant freezing, this page builder fell short in numerous ways, leaving me incredibly dissatisfied with its functionality. I regret that I cannot recommend it to anyone seeking a smooth and efficient website-building experience. First and foremost, the biggest issue I encountered was the abysmally slow performance of this builder. Every action, whether adding or editing content, felt like wading through molasses. Each click or command took an excruciatingly long time to register, significantly delaying my workflow. This inefficiency hampered my productivity and tested my patience to its limits. Adding insult to injury, the page builder seemed to freeze or become unresponsive far too often. It became a frustratingly common occurrence for me to encounter the "Franzen" while trying to edit even the simplest elements. It felt like a game of chance; each time I made an adjustment, I held my breath, hoping the builder wouldn't crash and force me to start again. This constant fear of losing progress made the experience incredibly stressful and added unnecessary hurdles to the already tedious website design task. To make matters worse, refreshing the page became a routine necessity when using this builder. It was as if the only way to keep it from completely giving up was to restore frequently, disrupting my workflow and consuming valuable time. The constant need to hit the refresh button significantly slowed the entire editing process, rendering the page builder useless for any time-sensitive projects. Given the shortcomings, it is clear that this builder is not a contender in the competitive website builders market. Its slow performance, frequent crashes, and dependence on constant refreshing make it an impractical choice for anyone seeking an efficient and streamlined web development experience. There are numerous other page builders available that offer superior performance and user-friendly interfaces, making this particular option pale in comparison. In conclusion, my experience with this builder was far from satisfactory. Its sluggishness, constant freezing, and dependence on frequent refreshes frustrated me. I strongly discourage others from using this builder, as it fails to deliver the efficiency and reliability required for effective website development. Instead, I recommend exploring alternative page builders that can provide a smoother and more enjoyable user experience.
Háset 3, 2023 1 reply
Spectra is an essential block library ... particularly the Container block which provides great flexibility in laying out a page. And when I've needed help, the response has been quick and efficient.
Jawza 29, 2023 1 reply
Although I am a fresh user of spectra but I have found it a very user friendly plugin. Hats off to the developers
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“Spectra – WordPress Gutenberg Blocks” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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2.6.5 – WEDNESDAY, 07th JUNE 2023

  • Fix: Buttons – Resolved an issue in which an error was thrown when the background color was set to gradient.
  • Fix: Buttons – Resolved an issue in which the background color gradient would not work as intended on the front end.
  • Fix: Call To Action – Resolved an issue in which an undefined variable warning would appear on the frontend.

2.6.4 – SATURDAY, 03rd JUNE 2023

  • Fix: Buttons – Resolved an issue in which the button size would not work as expected in the editor after adding padding.
  • Fix: Resolved an issue with an invalid Google Maps API Key in the Embed URL implementation, ensuring functionality, and made the block dynamic for enhanced flexibility.

2.6.3 – THURSDAY, 01st JUNE 2023

  • Fix: Post Carousel – Resolved an issue in which the posts would not show up on the front end when the number of columns was greater than the number of posts.
  • Fix: Separator – Removed the block preview image from the Style Book.

2.6.2 – WEDNESDAY, 31st MAY 2023

  • New: Introducing the Inherit From Theme option – Choose to make buttons in Spectra blocks inherit their styles from the theme.
  • Improvement: Icon List – Added the functionality to create a new list item when pressing the enter key inside the Icon List block.
  • Improvement: Global – Updated the hover box shadow generation, added shadow transitions and added optional hover shadow separation.
  • Fix: Container – Fixed an issue where setting a text color for a heading from a child container would affect all other headings on the page.
  • Fix: Call To Action – Resolved an issue in the responsive view wherein the button would become taller when using an additional button.
  • Fix: Forms – Resolved an issue in which the custom class for Forms block uag-col-2 was not working as intended on the front end.
  • Fix: Image Gallery – Removed the additional bottom spacing in the masonry layout that would appear on certain themes.
  • Fix: Image Gallery – Resolved an issue in which the masonry layout would appear stacked for a brief moment on load.
  • Fix: Image Gallery – Resolved an issue in FSE themes wherein the lightbox would have an extra top margin on the front end.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Resolved an issue in which preset layout 4 would not show as a slider on the front end.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Resolved an issue in which the carousel would appear as a grid for some time on load.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Resolved an issue in the FSE ( Full Site Editing ) template in which the arrows would overflow the page.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents – Resolved an issue in which the Table Of Contents block would overflow the Container in Full Site Editing (FSE) themes.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents – Resolved an issue in which the uagb-toc-hide-heading class would not work on core heading blocks in the front end.
  • Fix: Taxonomy – Resolved an issue in which the number of columns would not work as required for responsive devices on the front end.
  • Fix: Team – Resolved an issue in which the alignment would not function properly when the Team block is used in RTL mode.
  • Fix: Spectra Custom CSS – Resolved Conflict with Astra Custom Layout Sticky Settings.
  • Fix: Global – Resolved an issue in which the CSS would not load in the front end in edge cases.
  • Fix: Global – Resolved an issue wherein the border would overlap parts of the background images and gradients.

2.6.1 – FRIDAY, 19th MAY 2003

  • Improvement: Added Premium Templates in Template Kits library.
  • Fix: Admin Dashboard – Added missing i18n support for some strings.
  • Fix: Admin Dashboard – ‘Activate all’ and ‘Deactivate all’ previously had no impact on the status of Animations extension.
  • Fix: Animations Extension – Resolved the ‘Error loading’ issue for dynamic blocks that was caused by animation attributes.
  • Fix: CF7 Designer – Resolved an issue with CF7 Styler where CSS of custom classes were not being applied correctly to multiple column fields.
  • Fix: Image Gallery – Resolved an issue in which the ‘show on hover’ border color for bar-type captions would not work as intended.

2.6.0 – WEDNESDAY, 17th MAY 2023

  • New: Introducing the Popup Builder – Create sitewide Popups and Info Bars with ease!
  • New: Introducing the Animations extension – Give a new life to your page with some scroll-based entrance animations.
  • New: Introducing the Separator block – Divide your page content in style.
  • Improvement: Heading – Added the functionality to move onto a new paragraph when pressing the enter key inside the Heading block.
  • Improvement: Countdown – Added the Countdown block to the list of Core Blocks.
  • Improvement: Typography – Added ‘Bebas Neue’ Google font in Font Families.
  • Fix: Container – Resolved an issue in which the content box width would not apply in the editor inside the column core block.
  • Fix: Container – Resolved an issue where the video/image background styling was not working as expected on the front-end.
  • Fix: Image – Resolved an issue where an error would occur when we try to crop the image.
  • Fix: Buttons – Fixed the issue in which the text hover color would apply to the icon when the icon is enabled.
  • Fix: Info Box – Resolved an issue in which the prefix margin would not be applied on the front-end.
  • Fix: Forms – Fixed an issue on form submission failure in FSE themes.
  • Fix: Image Gallery – Resolved an issue wherein the carousel images would initially appear big on load.
  • Fix: Form – Resolved an issue in which the forms were not being submitted when the block is used inside the footer widget.
  • Fix: Masonry Gallery Extension – Resolved an issue in which the Masonry Gallery extension would not work as intended in the FSE.
  • Fix: Masonry Gallery – Resolved an issue in which the reset button did not work as intended.
  • Fix: Modal – Resolved an issue with the close button in Astra’s custom layout action hook before_add_to_card_form.
  • Fix: Modal – Resolved an issue wherein the alignment of the block moves to the center from the left when inside the Container.
  • Fix: Post Blocks – Resolved an issue wherein the Spectra Heading and Container blocks were not displayed in post excerpts.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Resolved a pagination bug in Post Grid that affected the other grid’s pagination.
  • Fix: Slider – Fixed an issue that was causing the Slider block to malfunction when used in the Full Site Editing (FSE) template and widget editors.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents – Updated the front-end preview UI to match in the “Inside Post/Page Content” type of Astra’s Custom Layout.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents – Resolved an issue wherein the gap between lists setting would not work as required on the front-end.
  • Fix: Tabs – Set the tab title default color to ‘inherit’ to prevent it from taking the link color from the theme.
  • Fix: Taxonomy List – Resolved an issue where the child taxonomy links would show the link of the parent taxonomy.
  • Fix: Multi-buttons Control – Resolved a console issue that occurs when setAttributes is not defined.
  • Fix: Custom CSS – Added support for Custom CSS on the front-end for WP Core blocks without requiring a Spectra block to be present.
  • Fix: Global – Resolved an issue wherein a PHP error would appear for the Full Site Editing (FSE) font compatibility feature.
  • Fix: Global – Fixed an issue wherein a Google error would appear when loading Google Fonts locally with a specific font weight and family set to default.
  • Fix: Global – Fixed a font resource URL breakage issue that occurs when the provided ‘google_font’ array contains a font family with an empty string.
  • Fix: Global – Updated dynamic styling to load in FSE (Full Site Editing) template pages in the front-end for reusable blocks.

2.5.1 – THURSDAY, 27th APRIL 2023

  • Feature: You can now add Google Fonts to Block Based Themes from Spectra Dashboard.
  • Fix: Counter – Added support for use within Slider (previously not working within Slider when it’s set to infinite loop).
  • Fix: Buttons – Gap settings on Mobile preview is taking desktop value as default.
  • Fix: Modal – Container background do not get border radius.
  • Fix: Modal – Background not applying properly when custom width is set.
  • Fix: Resolve an issue of PHP error appear for block-based widget editor.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents – Removed the console warning that was thrown for an empty collapsible Table Of Contents block.

2.5.0 – TUESDAY, 25th APRIL 2023

  • New: Spectra now has support for the all-new Spectra Pro!
  • Improvement: Global – Improved the editor performance.
  • Improvement: Global – Added Advanced options in Gradient Component.
  • Fix: Container – Resolved an issue where the heading tags were not inheriting the color from the theme or the Container.
  • Fix: Container – Removed Z-index restrictions that caused Image Gallery Lightboxes to get overlapped by other content.
  • Fix: Container – Handled the full-width issue encountered with the Neve theme on the front-end.
  • Fix: Container – Fixed settings link control’s unlink functionality.
  • Fix: Heading – Removed the extra padding that was visible in the editor.
  • Fix: Image – Resolved an issue where the width and height tags would not appear when an image is uploaded.
  • Fix: Image – Removed the extra spacing and fixed the escaping container size issue in FSE themes.
  • Fix: Image – Resolved an issue in which the image sizing was incorrectly set for mobile devices on the front-end.
  • Fix: Countdown – Fixed separator line-height mismatch between the editor and the front-end.
  • Fix: Forms – Resolved an accessibility issue wherein the field labels for date and toggle child were missing.
  • Fix: Image Gallery – Replaced the null array focus list with an optimized object.
  • Fix: Image Gallery – Updated the carousel gap to work as required.
  • Fix: Modal – Removed the trigger alignment option for automatic, custom ID and custom class trigger types.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Resolved an issue in the TwentyTwentyone theme wherein the hover styles for arrows and dots were mismatched in the editor and front-end.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Resolved an issue in which the gap between posts was not visible when only 2 posts were present.
  • Fix: Slider – Updated dot color setting to avoid taking the background color of arrows.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents – Resolved an HTML validation issue in the HTML validator.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Resolved an issue in which the border radius was not getting applied in the front-end.
  • Fix: Controls – Updated control UI to render seamlessly when in RTL mode.
  • Fix: Spacing Control – Removed the capability to set negative values for width and border radius settings.
  • Fix: Typography Control – Removed the capability to set negative values for line height and font size settings.
  • Fix: Global – Resolved an issue in which fonts would not load in the customizer when Spectra blocks are used in Astra theme’s header/footer section.
  • Fix: Global – Updated the mobile settings to inherit tablet setting values in the editor instead of inheriting desktop values.

2.4.2 – WEDNESDAY, 12th APRIL 2023

  • Fix: Container – Updated the default content width for block-based themes to “wideSize”.

2.4.1 – TUESDAY, 28th MARCH 2023

  • Improvement: Updated Spectra to work with WordPress 6.2 and Full Site Editing (FSE) themes.
  • Improvement: Added filter to enable/disable core responsive condition.
  • Improvement: Resolved the Spectra blocks editor spacing conflict with the Blocksy theme.
  • Fix: Image – Resolved an issue where the image caption was visible twice in the editor when caption is enabled.
  • Fix: Inline Notice – Resolved an issue where the content color and typography were not working in the editor.
  • Fix: Modal – Resolved an issue where the Info box as an inner block was not loading in the Modal when Gutenberg was activated.
  • Fix: Social Share – Optimized PHP code for legacy users causing an error due array_merge() parameter issues.
  • Fix: Taxonomy List – Added the missing translation for the Select string in the PHP code.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Resolved an issue where pagination was not visible inside the editor.

2.4.0 – WEDNESDAY, 15th MARCH 2023

  • New: Introducing the Countdown block that will help you generate hype and create a sense of urgency among your audience, during product sales or releases!
  • New: Introducing the Icon block that allows you to add FontAwesome 6 icons on your website with tonnes of styling options.
  • Feature: Image Gallery – Added a new lightbox feature with all the essential customizability that you’ll need.
  • Improvement: Performance – Optimized the editor performance for all Spectra Blocks.
  • Improvement: Performance – Improved the archive page speed.
  • Improvement: Image Gallery – Added a dropdown to select the image size for all the images in the gallery.
  • Improvement: Custom CSS – Disabled the option for “on page-level CSS”.
  • Improvement: Typography – Added Fahkwang and Jost Google Fonts in Font Families.
  • Improvement: Typography – Added Zen dots Google font in Font Families.
  • Improvement: Display Conditions – Added a “Day” option to display Spectra blocks on specific days.
  • Fix: Container – Resolved the full-width issue when adding a Container block inside the Slider block.
  • Fix: Container – Resolved an issue where the content was misaligned vertically when the background type was set to “video”.
  • Fix: Image – Resolve an issue that was encountered when the Gutenberg plugin was activated.
  • Fix: Image – Updated the image dimensions width & height box as per the Spectra UI guidelines.
  • Fix: Buttons – Fixed the stack orientation and responsive alignment settings not working as expected on the front end.
  • Fix: Info Box – Resolved an issue where the icon was misaligned on tablet/mobile when padding was added.
  • Fix: Info Box – Updated the CTA hover styling on the front end.
  • Fix: Call To Action – Resolved an issue where the additional button’s icon color was not changing on hover in the front end.
  • Fix: Forms- Resolved an issue where the form submit throws a success message without adding the “To” email address field.
  • Fix: Forms/Tabs/Table Of Contents – Resolved an issue where the JS throws an error in the console on blog/home page.
  • Fix: Post Timeline – Resolved an issue where the left padding was not applicable on the front end.
  • Fix: Team – Resolved an issue where images were not working as expected on responsive device presets.
  • Fix: Display Conditions – Fixed the undefined key/index when the Operating System is set to none.
  • Fix: Responsive Conditions – Updated slanted lines visibility for Counter and Slider Blocks.
  • Fix: Responsive Conditions – Slanted lines not visible for Post timeline and Content timeline Blocks.
  • Fix: Global – Updated Border Settings to remove all Border CSS when set to “default”.
  • Fix: Global – Excluded BR Tags from buttons’ text.
  • Fix: Global – Cartflows templates throw an error in the editor’s Spectra Page Settings.
  • Fix: Global – Fonts was not loading on 404 page when Spectra blocks used in Astra theme’s header/footer.

2.3.5 – THURSDAY, 2nd FEBRUARY 2023

  • Improvement: Global – Removed Backward compatibility of button padding for old users from multiple blocks.
  • Improvement: Global – Updated SVG icons rendering conditions & optimized the loading.
  • Fix: Container – Full height and Fixed background Image not working properly on editor.
  • Fix: Info-Box – CTA padding not working on responsive devices.
  • Fix: Heading – Disabling heading and sub-heading hides the separator.
  • Fix: Forms – Using form inside inner blocks, it was showing an error on submit.
  • Fix: Background control – Image has wrong units for custom positioning.

2.3.4 – WEDNESDAY, 25th JANUARY 2023

  • Improvement: Updated Gutenberg Templates Library.

2.3.3 – TUESDAY, 24th JANUARY 2023

  • Fix: Post Block – PHP comment appears on frontend.

2.3.2 – MONDAY, 23rd JANUARY 2023

  • Security fixes: Props to Patchstack for reporting security issues. Those are fixed in this release. Plus we’ve hardened security in other areas of the plugin.
  • Improvement: Modal – Added presets for a button trigger.
  • Fix: Forms – Multiple Form Submit AJAX related issues.
  • Fix: Timeline – unable to set connector Icon Background Size to zero.
  • Fix: Gradient Picker – block encounter an error when using gradient picker for Spectra block when Gutenberg is activated.

2.3.1 – FRIDAY, 20th JANUARY 2023

  • Fix: Info-Box – Margin unit set to px after refresh in editor.
  • Fix: Post Block – First post is getting empty when post block used on shop page.
  • Fix: Background processing issue in some cases.

2.3.0 – THURSDAY, 12th JANUARY 2023

  • New: Introducing the Slider block that allows you to make almost anything into a carousel, a good way to grab attention!
  • Improvement: Added support for Astra’s 4.0 theme menu position next to the Dashboard in admin.
  • Fix: Container – Adding padding to paragraph cause uneven space and cross the boundary of container on responsive devices.
  • Fix: Container – Background video goes out the boundary of the container if we have rounded corner.
  • Fix: Image Gallery – When adding any of the HTML code or adding the link, the visibility of that caption gets changed to always visible
  • Fix: Image Gallery – Broken links were shown in the gallery on frontend when added to caption.
  • Fix: Icon List – Disable link for the list item, it turns on the toggle again.
  • Fix: Testimonial – Carousel dots overlapping on below blocks in the mobile device.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Undefined array key issue.
  • Fix: How-To – Image is not visible when image selected from Image control.
  • Fix: Image – Does not wrap with paragraph.
  • Fix: Tabs – Container get hidden inside tabs body whenever use.
  • Fix: Global – Buttons – Removed the WP default allowedFormats from the toolbar.
  • Fix: Global – SVG Icons for blocks look big after switching to responsive devices inside the editor.
  • Deprecated: Global – Removed deprecated toolbar and multiline for rich text.

2.2.0 – TUESDAY, 27th DECEMBER 2022

  • New: Introducing the Modal block that will help you to show your own customized popups on the page and turn your visitors into subscribers and leads!
  • Improvement: Global – Added hover color accessibility to Spectra block with a button.
  • Improvement: Counter – Bar Layout – Added toggle to flip/swap the positions of bar and title.
  • Fix: Container – Resolved the issue where the list items overflow inside a Container on responsive devices.
  • Fix: Image – Resolved the issue where the alignments are ineffective inside a Container on the front end.
  • Fix: Buttons – Page scroll to the top when the hash link is added and refresh on click when the hash is removed.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Equal Height is not functional in Post Grid block.
  • Fix: Tabs – Removed the WP default Link option from the toolbar for the tabs title field.
  • Fix: Testimonial – Block break when we reduce the number of testimonials to 2.
  • Fix: Block Transform – Theme pallet color for default theme does not carry forward when block transform.
  • Fix: Typography – Resolved Google font console errors.

2.1.1 – WEDNESDAY, 14th DECEMBER 2022

  • Improvement: Call To Action – Added a width option for the CTA buttons.
  • Improvement: Forms – Added a gradient background option for the submit button.
  • Improvement: Table Of Contents – Added unique IDs for headings that have the same text.
  • Improvement: Typography Control – Allowed negative values for letter spacing.
  • Fix: Container – Resolved an issue where the boxed container width would break when inside other blocks.
  • Fix: Container – Resolved an issue in which the background image position control goes missing when the viewport is changed.
  • Fix: Forms – Resolved an issue wherein settings a checkbox with a required condition would enforce the user to check all the checkboxes before submitting the form.
  • Fix: Marketing Button – Implemented support to make the background and hover colors persist for older users (V1.25.6).
  • Fix: Post Carousel/Masonry – Resolved an issue wherein the featured images for posts were not visible.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Resolved an issue in which the static CSS was not loaded on the front end.
  • Fix: Separator Control – Removed the unwanted space that was added when the separator is used.

2.1.0 – WEDNESDAY, 07th DECEMBER 2022

  • New: Introducing the Counter block with layouts that will help you flaunt your stats in a cool way!
  • New: Introducing the Image Gallery block with extensive customizability, as well as the all-new perfectly-tiled layout!
  • New: Introducing the ability to add custom CSS directly at the page level!
  • Improvement: Heading – Added sub-heading and separator position settings.
  • Improvement: FAQ – Added background size, background color and border stylings for the toggle icon.
  • Improvement: Post Grid – Added a setting to show buttons on equal height.
  • Improvement: Post Grid – Added a setting to toggle image aspect ratio.
  • Improvement: Post Grid – Added an equal height option for featured images.
  • Improvement: Matrix Alignment Control – Added the new Matrix Alignment Control to match the Spectra UI.
  • Improvement: Number Control – Added the new Number Control to match the Spectra UI.
  • Improvement: Global – Updated Block Previews for All Spectra Blocks in the Editor.
  • Improvement: Code – Added Automatic Block Prioritization and Organization.
  • Fix: Forms – Added email address labels.
  • Fix: Icon List – Resolved an issue in which the links were getting disabled for icon list children.
  • Fix: Marketing Button – Resolved an issue where setting the background type as transparent or gradient results in the block encountering an issue.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Resolved an issue where the block breaks on the front end when a background image is set.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Resolved an issue where enabling the show taxonomy toggle did not show taxonomy on the posts in the editor.
  • Fix: Responsive Border Control – Resolved an issue where buttons from multiple blocks were not inheriting the theme’s style.
  • Fix: Responsive Border Control – Repositioned the misaligned reset control button in all border settings.
  • Fix: Responsive Border Control – Resolved an issue where the border stylings do not work as expected for responsive devices.
  • Fix: Select Control – Adjusted this control to properly align with other setting controls.
  • Fix: Text Control – Changed the default label.
  • Fix: Global – Resolved an issue where the hover stylings of buttons in multiple blocks were not working in the editor.

2.0.16 – TUESDAY, 22th NOVEMBER 2022

  • Improvement: Admin Dashboard – Updated Spectra Core Blocks to prevent them from being disabled.
  • Fix: Buttons – Eliminated validation errors when we add a “nofollow” to the link.
  • Fix: Info Box – Resolved an issue where the title gets disabled in the editor when setting the title tag as a paragraph tag.
  • Fix: Post Blocks – Resolved an issue in which the “spectra/v1/all_taxonomy” Rest API gets called multiple times in the editor.
  • Fix: Tabs – Updated the second preset to behave as shown in the preset preview.
  • Fix: Team – Prevented social icon styling options from being shown when the social icons are disabled.
  • Fix: Global – Resolved an issue where the editor layout shifts towards the right when clicking on any block settings.
  • Fix: Global – Resolved an issue where Spectra component stylings get overridden in the customizer block editor.
  • Fix: Code – Resolved an issue in which the “uagb_spectra_font_awesome_polyfiller” AJAX gets called multiple times.

2.0.15 – WEDNESDAY, 16th NOVEMBER 2022

  • Improvement: Info Box – Added Responsive feature to the Info Box icon width setting.
  • Improvement: Info Box – Added a background type selector for the call-to-action.
  • Improvement: Info Box – Added a toggle to show/hide the call-to-action icons.
  • Improvement: Call To Action – Added support to edit the button labels directly in the editor.
  • Improvement: Call To Action – Added a toggle to show/hide the button icon.
  • Improvement: FAQ – Added a background type selector for the question-answer container.
  • Improvement: Forms – Added a background type selector for the submit button.
  • Improvement: Post Carousel/Grid/Masonry – Added support to edit the button labels directly in the editor.
  • Improvement: Post Carousel/Grid/Masonry – Added a background type selector for the call-to-action.
  • Improvement: Post Carousel – Added a background type selector.
  • Improvement: Post Timeline – Added support to edit the button labels directly in the editor.
  • Improvement: Responsive Conditions – Added slanted lines to identify hidden blocks for each device type in the editor.
  • Improvement: Text Control – Updated and Implemented a new and improved Text Control across Spectra settings for a more consistent user interface.
  • Improvement: Global – Implemented CLS for all the blocks which have an image tag.
  • Improvement: Global – Updated the highlighter color for Spectra blocks.
  • Improvement: Global – Updated How To and Table Of Content block labels in the editor and the admin dashboard.
  • Improvement: Responsive Conditions – Added uag_reponsive_conditions_compatible_blocks js filter to add the responsive conditions compatibility for third-party blocks.
  • Fix: Image – Resolved the issue where the negative margins are ineffective inside a Container.
  • Fix: Info Box – Resolved an issue with the title being disabled in the editor when the paragraph tag is used.
  • Fix: Call To Action – Resolved the second button CSS style issue on the front end.
  • Fix: Marketing Button – Resolved the issue with the Blocksy Theme where the block does not remain in the stacked order.
  • Fix: Post Carousel/Grid/Masonry – Resolved the article tag class conflict with the TranslatePress plugin.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents – Resolved an issue regarding the marker alignments.
  • Fix: Tabs – Resolved the aria mismatch issue with Lighthouse.
  • Fix: Presets – Updated presets to remove the override for background color, box-shadow color, text content and even selected icons.
  • Fix: Responsive Conditions – Resolved an issue where the responsive conditions do not save when using a Legacy Block.
  • Fix: Global – Removed the deprecated “__experimentalGetSettings” and used “getSettings” for date controls.
  • Fix: Global – Resolved the scroll-to-specific-block feature not working when switching between desktop/tablet/mobile.
  • Fix: Global – Prevented most blocks from encountering an issue with the react hook “withSelect”.
  • Fix: Admin Dashboard – Prevented the font selection dropdown from getting cut off when expanded.
  • Fix: Image – Dimension for desktop, tablet and mobile was removed after refresh.

2.0.14 – TUESDAY, 08th NOVEMBER 2022

  • Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress 6.1.
  • Improvement: Container – Equal height setting in the Parent container.
  • Improvement: Post Block – Woo Commerce Products (CPT) not getting in Post Type.
  • Improvement: Block Transform – Transform from core Paragraph/List to Spectra Heading/Blockquotes.
  • Improvement: Post Blocks – Optimize the loading of Post Terms.
  • Improvement: Table of content – Added overall block alignment option.
  • Improvement: Info Box – Option to disable step links.
  • Fix: Image – Throws validation issue when toolbar link feature is used.
  • Fix: Button – Box shadow stylings are not working as expected on frontend.
  • Fix: Tabs – Plus button height was not the same as other tab buttons on the editor.
  • Fix: Tabs – Tabs border is inconsistent inside the editor and on the frontend.
  • Fix: Marketing Button – Backward Compatibility title color and hover issue on the frontend.
  • Fix: Post Carousel/Masonry- Taxonomy stylings are not working as expected in different layouts.
  • Fix: Post Masonry – Row gap and column gap label changed.
  • Fix: Post Masonry – Column Gap was impacting another post masonry, post grid, post carousel blocks.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Column gap was not identical on the frontend after upgrading from v1.25.6 when an image is set as background.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – On reducing or increasing Post per page all items sticks to each other in editor.
  • Fix: Post grid – In the editor, the Read more button border-radius is not working on hover.
  • Fix: Forms – Phone country code text overlapping for mobile view in frontend.
  • Fix: Forms – Phone height and size enlarged issue on the editor.
  • Fix: Forms – Fixed phone dropdown icon position on the frontend.
  • Fix: Forms – Translation of select field text on the frontend.
  • Fix: Forms – Removed the required string and toggle button from the form block.
  • Fix: Forms – Toggle field size not working on responsive devices.
  • Fix: Forms – Settings uneven spacing issue and Hide border colors when style set to default.
  • Fix: Forms – Checkbox throws an issue in the console when the required toggle is ON.
  • Fix: Copy Paste Styles – Removed hover color for disabling paste style text.
  • Fix: Twenty Twenty-One Theme Issues – Button styling is not working correctly on both sides.
  • Fix: Resolved undefined PHP issue for block attribute.
  • Fix: Info Box – After drag and drop, block SVG looks bigger for a second.
  • Fix: Icon List – Disable link not working properly on frontend for old users.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents – Empty heading list, throwing a console error on the front end.
  • Fix: Review Schema – Added an aggregate rating in Type Software Application type.
  • Fix: Call To Action – Button was not the same as frontend when it is selected as text.
  • Fix: Call To Action – Selected preset looks different after refreshing in page on the editor.
  • Fix: Testimonial – Slider does not slide the content when returning from last slide to first slide.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents – Reusable headings are not listed in TOC on the frontend.
  • Fix: Timeline – Connector does not show color without an icon when scrolling.
  • Fix: Resolved Buttons should consider button text as a string instead of HTML in multiple blocks.
  • Fix: Container – Does not work properly when it is used inside the cover block.
  • Fix: Image – Hover on the border for normal image layout is not working.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents – Page was not scrolling to the headings on the frontend for some edge cases.
  • Fix: Translation for default text was missing for some blocks.
  • Fix: Z-Index extension is not working for the dynamic blocks.
  • Fix: Content flickering in the editor when hovering over it.
  • Fix: Container – Page freezes when we select and move multiple blocks at once to the container.
  • Fix: Advanced Column – Core image block caption alignment issue.
  • Fix: Admin Dashboard – Toggle not working properly in RTL mode.
  • Fix: Mobile CSS overrides desktop CSS inside the customizer.
  • Fix: Spectra block editor CSS conflict with other plugins
  • Fix: Desktop icon for responsive control move to the left from their position.
  • Fix: Container – Child container gets unwanted margin applied when boxed and content boxed layout is selected in the editor when Astra theme is activated.
  • Fix: Spectra CSS conflict due to which date picker of post scheduler does not show the navigation.
  • Fix: Icon list – Icon Alignment top and middle not working as expected if we increase font size.
  • Fix: Container – Breaks when the background is a video and classic overlay is selected.

2.0.13 – THURSDAY, 29th SEPTEMBER 2022

  • Fix: Icon List – Bold/Italic style tag visible in aria-label attribute.
  • Fix: Icon List – Text Alignment not working properly on front-end.
  • Fix: Form – Backward Compatibility Stylings Issue on the editor.
  • Fix: Advanced Column – Paragraph block wrapping with image when image size and position is changed.
  • Fix: Advanced Column: Image was not getting aligned center on the frontend and the editor.
  • Fix: Call To Action – Button css conflict with Newspaper theme.
  • Fix: Customizer was frozen when theme blog settings were changed.
  • Fix: Review Schema – Star ratings do not reflect on the frontend like the editor when multiple review blocks are used.
  • Fix: Review Schema – Stars appear left in the editor and right on the frontend when clicked.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Adding uagb-toc-hide-heading class to exclude heading from TOC list not working on front-end.
  • Fix: Container – Z-index were not applied on the frontend.
  • Fix: FAQ – Throwing an undefined style issue in console when html anchor is used.
  • Fix: Info Box – Removed default image width for new users while maintaining a default width of 120px for old users only.

2.0.12 – FRIDAY, 16th SEPTEMBER 2022

  • Improvement: How to block – Option to disable step links.
  • Improvement: Forms – Added ‘Required’ toggle for Accept field/sub-block.
  • Improvement: Content Timeline – Changed default description.
  • Improvement: Media Picker – Updated Video Icon.
  • Improvement: Post Carousel – Gap between Content & Dots functionality.
  • Fix: Price list – Heading are causing overlap on mobile on front-end.
  • Fix: Forms Toggle – Changed default label from ‘Name’ to ‘Toggle’.
  • Fix: Forms – Fixed alignment for required toggle button in Phone block and added spacing between toggle and the ‘Required’ label.
  • Fix: Content Timeline – Removed extra margin added to title and description by theme and core WordPress in editor and frontend.
  • Fix: Info Box – Images looked enlarged after upgrading to Spectra.
  • Fix: Form – Form is sending empty data after adding keys for ReCaptcha V3 .
  • Fix: Forms – Required Toggle for Checkbox field was not clickable in editor.
  • Fix: Advanced Row – Border not visible for backward user.
  • Fix: Price List – Changed default padding for images so that the image aligns with the title.
  • Fix: Responsive Border – Border width occasionally misbehaves when set to zero.
  • Fix: Price List – Columns settings are not working in mobile editor.
  • Fix: Container – Shape divider background color issue on editor.
  • Fix: Responsive condition – Setting does not save when hide on multiple devices is selected.
  • Fix: How-To – Alignment for time and cost not working in editor as well as on frontend.
  • Fix: Post Carousel and Masonry – Background Image overlay color is not same as frontend.
  • Fix: Advanced Row – Border hover color not working on front end.

2.0.11 – THURSDAY, 8th SEPTEMBER 2022

  • Improvement: Media Picker – Added Optional Label Display and Improved UI.
  • Improvement: Updated copy-paste functionality logic for parent-child blocks.
  • Fix: Container – Child block’s margin & padding gets removed in editor.
  • Fix: Info Box – Description margin considers values for desktop, even for tablet and mobile devices (on frontend).
  • Fix: Table of content – When disable marker is enabled List style tab not visible.
  • Fix: Star Rating – Padding/Margin were not working when the star position is set to “Before”.
  • Fix: Image: Image Size not working as expected for images when drag and drop.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Collapse table icon/button not working in the editor.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Border radius does not apply properly to the column and inner-column elements.
  • Fix: Forms – Phone field label is null on the email template.

2.0.10 – FRIDAY, 2nd SEPTEMBER 2022

  • Fix: Responsive condition – Conflicting with plugin using REST API block preview.

2.0.9 – THURSDAY, 1st SEPTEMBER 2022

  • Fix: Post Blocks – PHP notice if the number of columns are not set.

2.0.8 – THURSDAY, 1st SEPTEMBER 2022

  • Improvement: Added Responsive and Display conditions settings to core blocks.
  • Improvement: Updated admin dashboard UI.
  • Fix: Price List – Inside container price list not aligned properly on editor.
  • Fix: Image – Box shadow not applying to a valid element.
  • Fix: Section – Inner section block border not working properly on front-end.
  • Fix: Post Carousel/Grid/Masonry – Inaccurate font size for ‘Read More’ link was displayed in the editor for tablet preview (when mobile and tablet font sizes were set).
  • Fix: PHP notice for new users when they activate Astra theme.
  • Fix: Table of Content – Fixed collapsible icon alignment for frontend.
  • Fix: Heading – Set sub heading as enabled by default for old users.
  • Fix: Heading – Set default alignment of heading & sub heading as center for old users.
  • Fix: Footer Widgets – CSS was not loading for empty archive/category and 404 pages.
  • Fix: Media Picker – Updated Lottie and Video Icon Colors.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Column reverse functionality not working as expected on frontend for old user.
  • Fix: Post Blocks – Max Number of columns should not be dependent on number of posts.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Post overflows its proper column size.

2.0.7 – FRIDAY, 26th AUGUST 2022

  • Improvement: Added Legacy Labels in the Editor Block Inserter.
  • Improvement: Updated the design of inactive block/extension tabs in the admin dashboard.
  • Improvement: Social Share Child, Icon List Child, How to, Review Blocks – Added missing alt attributes for img tags.
  • Fix: Table of Content – Updated Font Awesome 6 migration on front-end refresh.
  • Fix: Borders – Borders styling not saving for multiple blocks for new block case.
  • Fix: CTA – Disabled CTA links in editor.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Slider dots overlapping on below blocks.
  • Fix: Container – Flex properties do not work when Container Width & Content Width both are set as full width.
  • Fix: Legacy block not visible on Blocks/Extension page after enabling setting.
  • Fix: Review – Enabling schema support does not give valid schema JSON on frontend.
  • Fix: InfoBox – Default btn padding issue on front-end for old users.
  • Fix: Container – Inner Container overflow if the custom widths is set in pixels.
  • Fix: Post carousel – Broken and throwing console issue on shop page.

2.0.6 – WEDNESDAY, 24th AUGUST 2022

  • Fix: Testimonial – Bottom padding and gradient color not working on frontend.
  • Fix: Responsive preview in editor – Editor preview for mobile and tablets was not working across different languages.
  • Fix: Post Grid/Masonry/Carousel – Fixed hover color background leaking out of border radius.
  • Fix: Review – Fixed star size changing in editor, when text labels were long; Also reduced excess spacing between stars and delete icon for responsive preview.
  • Fix: Icon List – Font size and line height was not inherited from site/customizer settings.
  • Fix: Column-child – Migrate Border stylings on editor
  • Fix: Button – Default padding is not retained for old users on frontend.
  • Fix: Disabled Lazy Loading of Blocks Components in Editor to fix the chunkLoading error.
  • Fix: Copy Paste Styles – Updated logic to work using site’s local storage.

2.0.5 – TUESDAY, 23rd AUGUST 2022

  • Fix: Inherit Heading Block Link Color from theme.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Pagination alignment not working on frontend.
  • Fix: Post Layout – Title content not visible after title HTML tag set to P.
  • Fix: Heading – Set default alignment for heading as center for old users.
  • Fix: Call to Action – Buttons Text not wrapping on smaller devices.
  • Fix: Updated Border styling on front-end in multiple blocks for old users.
  • Fix: Advanced Row (Section) & Advanced Columns – Background color and Video opacity issue for old users.

2.0.4 – SUNDAY, 21st AUGUST 2022

  • Feature: Added Enable Legacy Blocks option in Admin Dashboard.
  • Fix: Buttons – Text inside button not wrapping on small devices.
  • Fix: Automatic Block Recovery not working and block displays blank in editor when reusable block is present on the page.
  • Fix: FAQ – Enabling schema support does not give valid schema JSON on frontend.
  • Fix: Container – Fixed anchor bug (anchor wasn’t working and the anchor value wasn’t saved)
  • Fix: Advanced Row (Section) & Advanced Columns – Opacity not working for background image when image overlay type was set as gradient for old user.
  • Fix: Post Masonry & Post Carousel – When image position is set to background then content bottom padding is not applicable.
  • Fix: Tabs Child – Border not visible in editor for old users.
  • Fix: Tabs – Layout styles not displaying as they should for responsive devices.
  • Fix: Border backward compatibility issues on frontend in multiple blocks.

2.0.3 – FRIDAY, 19TH AUGUST 2022

  • Decision: Instead of deprecating some blocks, we decided to call them “legacy” blocks. Legacy blocks work fine and will get support/bug fixes.
  • Improvement: Removed deprecation notices from the settings of the blocks.
  • Improvement: Added a setting to set default values for “column gap” & “row gap” in the container.
  • Fix: Advance Columns – Full-width layout not getting full width on the frontend.
  • Fix: Padding in some blocks were not visible in the editor for old user.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Content padding getting applied to post image.
  • Fix: Icon List – Fixed word wrapping and breaking behavior.
  • Fix: Info Box, Heading, Call to Action – overridden text color on frontend when used in the Cover Block.
  • Fix: Post Carousel, Grid, and Masonry – Disabled ‘Read More’ links in the editor and ensured pointer is shown on button hover.
  • Fix: Post layout – Title color turns white when background image position is set.
  • Fix: Table of contents – Headings not scroll when Cyrillic and English combination is used.
  • Fix: Backward Compatibility border issues on front-end in multiple blocks

2.0.2 – WEDNESDAY, 17TH AUGUST 2022

  • Fix: Compatibility issues with PHP version 7.2 and older.
  • Fix: Forms – Throws an error on drag and drop.
  • Fix: Icon List – Throws an undefined innerBlocks when drag and drop from block inserter.
  • Fix: Icon List – Throws an PHP Notice for old users.

2.0.1 – WEDNESDAY, 17TH AUGUST 2022

  • Improvement: Updated the link to the intro video in Spectra’s admin dashboard.
  • Fix: Updated disabled block icon colors in the Spectra dashboard.
  • Fix: Deprecated blocks were not working for old users.

2.0.0 – WEDNESDAY, 17TH AUGUST 2022

  • New: Redesigned UI/UX controls of Spectra blocks.
  • New: Introduced a new, beautiful & fast Spectra admin dashboard powered by React.
  • New: Introducing Coming Soon mode feature.
  • New: Introducing Allow only Selected fonts, Load fonts locally & Preload fonts feature.
  • New: Introducing new border control allows users to set a border to Top/Bottom/Left/Right in all directions.
  • New: Introducing Automatic Block Recovery.
  • New: Introducing Font Awesome 6 Support.
  • New: Introducing Collapse Panels.
  • New: Introducing Blocks Editor Spacing.
  • New: Block Presets – Introducing Preset for a most used block.
  • New: Control Presets – Added Preset for Box-Shadow, Button, and Inner container.
  • New: Copy Paste Styles – Added Copy/Paste styling feature for Core Gutenberg blocks & Spectra blocks.
  • New: Added global Container Padding option on admin dashboard.
  • New: Added global default Content Width for container on admin dashboard.
  • New: Added support for block-based widget editor.
  • New: Container – Introducing container block with advanced flex property feature.
  • New: How-To – Separate child “Step” for how-to instead of info-box.
  • New: Image – Introducing image block with advanced feature.
  • New: Z-index extension for Spectra block.
  • Global Improvement: Responsive setting wherever needed.
  • Global Improvement: Refactored the Spectra blocks code & improved editor performance drastically.
  • Global Improvement: Typography control – Added text-transform, text-decoration, letter-spacing and font-style options.
  • Global Improvement: 4-way border control.
  • Global Improvement: 4-way spacing control for padding/margin.
  • Improvement: Buttons – Multiple Typography option for text in a parent.
  • Improvement: Buttons-child – Enable/disable Icon option.
  • Improvement: Buttons-child – Add “nofollow” to the link option.
  • Improvement: Buttons-child – Remove Text option.
  • Improvement: Buttons-child – Separate Typography option for a child.
  • Improvement: Buttons-child – Background transparent/color/gradient option.
  • Improvement: Buttons-child – Box-Shadow option.
  • Improvement: Blockquote – Moved Twitter Username field inside Tweeter Icon Tab.
  • Improvement: Call To Action – Enable the Additional Button option.
  • Improvement: Display Condition & Responsive Visibility – Enable/Disable option for Spectra extensions on admin dashboard.
  • Improvement: Forms – Global reCAPTCHA setting option on admin dashboard.
  • Improvement: Heading – Hide option for heading text and description.
  • Improvement: Heading – Text shadow, gradient color option for Title
  • Improvement: Heading – Color option when link added to heading text.
  • Improvement: Heading – Highlight the heading text feature.
  • Improvement: Heading – Background color option classic and gradient.
  • Improvement: Info-box – Enable/disable Icon/Image option.
  • Improvement: Info-box – Allow P tag in Title.
  • Improvement: Info-box – Icon option View( Stacked/Framed ), Shape( Circle/Square ).
  • Improvement: Icon List – Icon Position before/after.
  • Improvement: Lottie – Moved File Source option in block setting.
  • Improvement: Marketing Button – Show Description toggle option.
  • Improvement: Post Layout – Offset Starting Post option.
  • Improvement: Post Layout – Show Meta Icon option.
  • Improvement: Post Layout – Overall Border option.
  • Improvement: Post Layout – Overall Box shadow option.
  • Improvement: Post Layout – Added Taxonomy Styling option, show taxonomy above title option and layout normal/highlighted.
  • Improvement: Removed jQuery dependency from Spectra blocks.
  • Improvement: Social Share Parent block Color and background color option.
  • Improvement: Star Rating – Enable Title option.
  • Improvement: Star Rating – Star Position option.
  • Improvement: Team – Title Span/Div tag support.
  • Improvement: Table of content – Added Marker View Bullet/Number.
  • Improvement: Table of content – Added Title below Separator Style.
  • Improvement: Template – Enable Templates Button on admin dashboard.
  • Fix: Multiple issues in multiple blocks.
  • Deprecated: Advanced Columns, Section, WP-Search, Post Masonry, Contact Form 7 Designer, and Gravity Form Designer block.
  • Deprecated: Removed Spectra extension, i.e., responsive condition, display condition from the core block.
  • Deprecated: Table of content – Removed Scroll Animation Delay.

1.25.6 – TUESDAY, 31ST MAY 2022

  • Improvement: Updated Gutenberg Templates Library.
  • Improvement: Escaped URLs wherever required.

1.25.5 – FRIDAY, 27TH MAY 2022

  • Improvement: Updated the notice library.

1.25.4 – MONDAY, 7TH FEBRUARY 2022

  • Fix: CSS was not applying on responsive devices.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons – Child settings were not visible in the editor.

1.25.3 – THURSDAY, 27TH JANUARY 2022

  • Improvement: Added compatibility with WordPress v5.9.
  • Fix: Masonry option – Not visible for core/gallery.

1.25.2 – TUESDAY, 30TH NOVEMBER 2021

  • Fix: Block condition – Conflicting with plugin using REST API block preview.

1.25.1 – WEDNESDAY, 24TH NOVEMBER 2021

  • Fix: Block condition – Conflicting with WP Recipe Maker and Gravity Forms plugins.
  • Fix: Call to undefined function twentyseventeen_panel_count() when previewing another theme from the customizer.
  • Fix: Marketing Button – Validation issue when Title Tag set to p.
  • Fix: Table of contents – Removed empty li tags from Table of contents markup.
  • Fix: Blockquote – Tweet content not shown in tweet box when double and single quotes are used.

1.25.0 – MONDAY, 4TH OCTOBER 2021

  • New: Introduced Wireframe Blocks.

1.24.2 – WEDNESDAY, 4TH AUGUST 2021

  • Fix: Blockquote – Multiple blockquote post the same content after clicking on a tweet button.
  • Fix: Table of contents – Hyperlink was not working on Safari and Firefox browsers.
  • Fix: Styling was not applying on the preview page.
  • Fix: Conflict with Astra theme customizer.

1.24.1 – TUESDAY, 27TH JULY 2021

  • Fix: Table of contents – Uncaught TypeError with the load function.
  • Fix: Tabs – Responsive icons were not clickable in the editor.
  • Fix: Updated the CSS priority, to resolve the UAG blocks style issue with custom layout.


  • New: Introduced Star Rating block.
  • New: Added Masonry option to core Gallery block.
  • Improvement: Table of Contents – Added scroll to specific anchor tag feature.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Headings were not displaying correctly when multiple blocks were used on the same page.
  • Fix: Asset generation conflicts with WooCommerce pages.


  • Improvement: Added compatibility with WordPress v5.8.
  • Fix: Assets generation issue on frontend when Twenty Twenty-one theme was active.
  • Fix: Assets were not regenerated on the frontend when the post containing reusable blocks is updated.
  • Fix: Post Grid: The block shifts to the left on the frontend when the Twenty Twenty-One theme was active.
  • Fix: WooCommerce shop page styling was not working on the frontend when a page is saved from the editor.


  • Fix: Advanced column – Shape Divider issue when using with the Astra Custom Layout.
  • Fix: Assets Generation on Archive Pages not working for all Posts on frontend.
  • Fix: Core button Block alignment is not working in advanced column block.
  • Fix: Twenty Seventeen Compatibility – Uncaught Error on pages.


  • Fix: Table of Contents – UTF-8 encoding on frontend.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Fatal error when $doc->documentElement is null in some cases on frontend.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Scroll to Top icon not visible on frontend.
  • Fix: Posts – “B7″ displayed in place of ” . ” icon on frontend when file generation is disabled.


  • Fix: Table of Contents: Headings with HTML tags are not visible on the frontend.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Question marks are rendered in place of UTF-8 characters for few languages in Heading.
  • Fix: Section – Full-Width option not being applied on the front-end according to theme content width.
  • Fix: Post Layouts – Showing post content instead of post except on the front-end.


  • Fix: Broken path while generating assets (CSS/JS).
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Heading convert to question marks on the frontend.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Unexpected characters in links. Restricted to alphanumeric characters.


  • New: Added an option to rollback to a previous version.
  • New: Added an option to get update notifications for beta versions.
  • New: Lottie – Added alignment Option.
  • Improvement: Frontend optimization by reducing one request of CSS.
  • Improvement: Improved the Dynamic Assets loading functionality for better performance.
  • Improvement: Static CSS Optimized by loading only used blocks’ CSS on a Page.
  • Improvement: Table of content – Optimized headings rendering to remove CLS impact.
  • Fix: Advanced Column – Column Gap Setting overlapping issue.
  • Fix: Advanced Column – Column Gap Setting not working in the Editor issue.
  • Fix: Advanced Column – Stack on tablet and mobile in preview mode.
  • Fix: Blockquote – Tweet link showing an empty page link and username.
  • Fix: Block condition – Conflicting with Real Media Library plugin.
  • Fix: Blocks throwing an error when deactivate all the UAG blocks except the Multi Buttons, Forms & How To.
  • Fix: Inline Notice and Review Schema block UI broken if Gutenberg plugin is activated.
  • Fix: Lottie – Settings conflict issue.
  • Fix: Lottie – Alignment issue in the editor.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Link to complete box redirect to the last post when image background set to Top.
  • Fix: Post Layout – Conflicting with the Envira Gallery plugin.
  • Fix: Post Layout – Invalid HTML markup of a post meta link.
  • Fix: Section – Margin Left/Right not working issue.
  • Fix: Social Share – Query string variables were omitted after the first ampersand. Encoded the Page/Post URL.
  • Fix: Table of content – HTML validation issue.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Default heading was displaying instead of previously set heading.


  • Improvement: Updated Gutenberg Template Library.


  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Margin option missing in spacing setting for inner column.
  • Fix: Blockquote – Javascript console error when Twitter Icon is disabled.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Not allowed HTML tags in title and JS minification issue.


  • Improvement: Advanced Column – Added two more shapes dividers for top and bottom.
  • Improvement: Added filter to disable block conditions from the editor. Read More
  • Improvement: Block preview on responsive devices in the editor.
  • Improvement: First letter Capitalize instead of all Meta in post layout.
  • Improvement: Forms – Resolved after adding v3 ReCaptcha in forms block needs to click twice on button to submit the form.
  • Improvement: Tabs – Added alignment option to the tab headers.
  • Improvement: Tabs – Added option to update the tabs order by moving it left or right.
  • Improvement: Taxonomy List – Added Html Tag Selector to set Tag of list title.
  • Fix: Block Conditions – Resolved some conflicts with the LifterLMS and Formidable forms.
  • Fix: Block Conditions – Resolved Invalid block issue of core widget blocks.
  • Fix: Content Timeline – Fixed Connector layout on mobile devices issue.
  • Fix: Display Condition – Added body tag instead of “entry-content” class in CSS to hide the block.
  • Fix: Forms – Resolved subject is not attached in the mail issue.
  • Fix: Google Map – Added some padding for the editor to improve a Google Map selection experience.
  • Fix: Social Share – Fixed the jQuery undefined error.
  • Fix: Tabs – Nested tab layout breaking all the tab functionality.
  • Fix: Tabs – Tabs body generating multiple times.
  • Fix: Tabs – Tab Anchors in the page link Are Ignored.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Conflict with Mediavine Ad Script.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Scrolling to the heading issue when smooth scroll was disabled.
  • Fix: Marketing Button – Fix Icon size setting issue.
  • Fix: Marketing button – Text color and hover color overriding the block-library style.
  • Fix: Post Masonry – Fixed the JS UAGBPostMasonry is not defined error.
  • Fix: Post Timeline – Fixed Heading and Sub-heading color issue on front-end.
  • Fix: Post Layout – Conflicting with NextGen Gallery plugin.
  • Fix: Posts Layout – On disabling the “Show Excerpt” option “Read More” setting was hidden.
  • Fix: Resolved RangeControl Slider issue in responsive modes.
  • Fix: Fix taxonomy special character issue in all post layouts.


  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Column not stacking on tablet & mobile devices.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Showing default title instead of saved one


  • Fix: Table of Contents: Content not being generated in few themes due to missing entry-content class.


  • New: Forms Block. Read More.
  • Improvement: Block Templates – Added filter to disable the Block Templates. Read More
  • Improvement: Post Layouts – Now all the selected categories can be displayed in each post layout.
  • Improvement: Table of Contents – Now Table of Contents stores minimal data in databases and calculates the contents dynamically on page load.
  • Fix: Advanced Column – Reverse column and stack issue on tablet/mobile.
  • Fix: BuddyBoss Platform plugin conflicting with Content Timeline and Post Timeline.
  • Fix: Block Conditions – Resolved some conflicts with the WPForms.
  • Fix: Block Conditions – Deactivating all the blocks resulting to few console errors on admin page.


  • Improvement: Added compatibility with WordPress v5.7.
  • Fix: Post Layouts – Fixed the JS undefined error with post_type in block editor while using Post Masonry.
  • Fix: Post Layouts – Fixed the Post Layout keeps loading when clicking on categories All.


  • New: Tabs Block. Read More
  • New: Added ability to import pre-made pages, patterns for block editor.
  • Improvement: Block Conditions – Now user can add conditions of visibility to blocks with respect to User State, Responsive Visibility, User Role, Browser, and Operating System.
  • Improvement: Added Transform Compatibility in Advanced Heading and Blockquote Block.
  • Improvement: Added hooks for automatic Toolset Dynamic Sources.
  • Fix: RTL issues in a few of the blocks.
  • Fix: Content Timeline – Connector issue on Tablet and mobile.
  • Fix: Content Timeline – Font size not applying for date on left/right layout.
  • Fix: Price List – Block encountered an error when used as a reusable block.
  • Fix: Heading Color issue in some blocks when used with Cover block.
  • Deprecated: Removed Transform Compatibility from Icon List Block.


  • Fix: Content Timeline – Content not being saved issue.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Posts layout breaks when equal height option is enabled.
  • Fix: Table of Content – Hyperlink not being scrolled to respective heading issue.
  • Fix: Price List – Block Editor Validation issue when image alignment set to middle.


  • New: Lottie Block.
  • Improvement: Post Layout: Added EditMode to shuffle the Post elements i.e Post Title, Post Meta, Post Content, Featured Image, CTA Button etc.
  • Improvement: Better options for delete/edit/duplicate action of each content in Content timeline blocks.
  • Fix: FAQ Schema – Fixed Accessibility issue.
  • Fix: FAQ Schema – Fixed child block not inheriting question tag from the parent block when adding a new question.
  • Fix: FAQ-Schema – FAQ console error when accessing child by link hash value.
  • Fix: Gravity Form Styler – Multistep form styling issue.
  • Fix: Price List – CSS issue on mobile.
  • Fix: Price List – Fixed missing image padding option and columns not updating issue.
  • Fix: Post Layout – Child Posts not visible when parent category is selected in editor mode.
  • Fix: Testimonial – Fixed the JS console warning with Slick library.
  • Fix: Taxonomy List – Fixed the JS console warning in editor mode.
  • Fix: Table of content – Fixed the pipe symbol issue in heading.
  • Fix: Taxonomy List – Fixed issue with broken links.
  • Fix: Table of Content – IE11 compatibility issues.
  • Fix: Testimonial – Fixed carousel not being displayed on RTL websites.


  • New: Review Schema Block.
  • Improvement: Better options for delete/edit/duplicate action of each item in Price list block.
  • Improvement: Ability to modify breakpoints for Dynamic CSS.
  • Improvement: Table of Content – Exclude specific headings from Table of Contents block.
  • Improvement: Table of Content – Fixed issue with scroll to heading when the heading has ellipsis dots in them.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Fixed carousel not being displayed on RTL websites.
  • Fix: Info Box – Link to complete box target issue with “Open In Same Tab” fixed.
  • Fix: Info box – Title color not applying when title is as link.


  • Fix: Post Timeline – Fixed the Icon issue and removed the unwanted filter for Post Timeline SVG connector.


  • Improvement: FAQ Schema – Skipped loading of dependent JS file for Grid layout.
  • Improvement: FAQ Schema – Added keyboard accessibility of spacebar, enter and left-click.
  • Improvement: Inline Notice – New layout added for inline notice.
  • Improvement: Post Timeline – Added filter for post timeline connector SVG.
  • Improvement: Social Share – Added support to some more social platforms like Pocket, VK, Odnoklassniki, Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, Xing, and Buffer.
  • Improvement: Twenty Seventeen Theme: Added compatibility to Twenty Seventeen Sections.
  • Improvement: Testimonial – Added class to Image for lazy load compatibility.
  • Improvement: Info Box – Added class to Image for lazy load compatibility.
  • Improvement: Table of Content – Alignment option added for table heading.
  • Fix: FAQ Schema – Toggle issue when we add multiple FAQ Blocks on the same page.
  • Fix: Social Share – Resolved the missing image issue in the Pinterest social platform.
  • Fix: Gravity Form Styler – Submit button text colour issue.


  • New: Taxonomy List.
  • Improvement: FAQ Schema – Added responsive columns options for mobile and tablet.
  • Improvement: Google Map – Now user can show language-specific Google Map.
  • Improvement: How to Schema – More options to add total time.
  • Fix: Multiple file generation issue in some cases fixed.
  • Fix: Inline Notice – Dismissal of Notice issue.
  • Fix: How To Schema – Step gap issue.
  • Fix: How To Schema – Image deletion issue for steps.
  • Fix: FAQ Schema – Multiple FAQSchema on the same page not allowed issue.
  • Fix: Post Block – Infinite scroll is broken for anonymous user.
  • Fix: Unicode error in some cases issue fixed.


  • Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress 5.5.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons – Alignment Full Width for buttons not working in editor mode.
  • Fix: Icon List – Icon List Font Size rendered as PX when configured as EM.
  • Fix: Icon List – Icon List Border turns to the oval issue.
  • Fix: Info Box – Fixed a Typography issue with CTA-Button.
  • Fix: Call To Action – Rectified the issue with Anchor that does not save.


  • Improvement: Post Masonry – Added Pagination option.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns – New Gradient Palette is introduced to set background.
  • Improvement: Sections – New Gradient Palette is introduced to set background.
  • Improvement: FAQ Schema – Added heading options for question.
  • Improvement: Post Layouts – Added an option to exclude current post.
  • Improvement: Post Layouts – Option to Display Post Content Type as Excerpt/Full-Post.
  • Improvement: Inline Notice – Added heading options for Notice title.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Page Limit issue with less number of Posts.
  • Fix: FAQ Schema – Clicking on answer collapsed the FAQ.
  • Fix: Social Share – Fixed an issue with reusable block.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons – Full Width layout for buttons not working in editor mode.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons – Inherit from theme skipping the Font Family in few case scenarios.
  • Fix: Info Box – Fixed an issue with CSS selector.
  • Fix: Icon List – Icon Top Alignment issue.


  • New: WP – Search Block.
  • New: Inline Notice Block.
  • New: Users can now share non-personal usage data to help us test and develop better products.
  • Improvement: FAQ Schema – Added new padding options for Question.
  • Improvement: Multi Buttons – Added new option to add icon.
  • Improvement: Multi Buttons – Added new option to inherit styling from the theme.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns – Added ability to choose from given variations of columns.
  • Improvement: Post Layout – Added an option to show an empty post result message.
  • Improvement: Post Layout – Added new option to inherit styling from the theme.
  • Improvement: Post Layout – Added post_class() compatibility to Post Grid, Post Masonry, and Post Carousel using a custom filter.
  • Improvement: Call to Action – Added new option to inherit styling from the theme for Button.
  • Improvement: Info Box – Added new option to inherit styling from the theme for Button.
  • Improvement: Added missing accessibility to all blocks.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Incorrect Border Radius issue with respect to the theme.
  • Fix: Info Box – Fixed a minor issue with z-index and theme heading.
  • Fix: Gravity Form Styler: Show/Hide Not working in front-end.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents – Removed the dependency on data attributes for the header.
  • Fix: Better UX compatibility with Gutenberg plugin.



  • Fix: Contact Form 7 Styler – Fixed an issue when custom class is used.
  • Fix: Gravity Form Styler – Fixed an issue when custom class is used.


  • New: FAQ – Schema
  • New: How-To Schema
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns : UI Improvements (Column Gap option).
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Active state of Vertical alignment option not visible in editor.
  • Fix: Icon List – Accessibility issue when link is enabled.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Multiple AJAX requests generated if Pagination Markup is returned empty.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Pagination not calculating properly in few cases.
  • Fix: 404 error for Google Fonts in some cases issue fixed.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Bullets not showing issue fixed.


  • Fix: File Generation issue on WooCommerce Pages.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Handled background image attachment type on smaller devices.
  • Fix: Section – Handled background image attachment type on smaller devices.
  • Fix: Icon List – Links overlapping on the Label text.
  • Fix: Icon List – Label length mismatch issue when Image is used for the Icon List.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons – Spacing not working in the editor.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons – Full-Width feature glitch fixed.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons – Alignment option shifted to the side panel.
  • Fix: Table of Content – Extra space at the bottom in the Safari Browser when the Column count is more than 1.


  • Fix: Icon List – Typography not working on front-end.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons – Changed default alignment to center.
  • Fix: Social Share – Changed default alignment to center.
  • Fix: Team – Fixed the Margin issue in Social Share icons.


  • Improvement: Better options for delete/edit/duplicate action of each item in Icon List, Multi Buttons and Social Share blocks.
  • Improvement: Post Grid – Added Pagination support.
  • Improvement: Added WPML compatibility.
  • Improvement: Added Box Shadow option to Advanced Columns and Section.
  • Improvement: UI improvement for editor.
  • Improvement: Table of Contents – Color options for Bullet Points.
  • Improvement: Improved CSS File Generation functionality.
  • Improvement: Improved file system functions.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns : Percentage button not clickable in editor mode.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns : Column width not applying in the editor.
  • Fix: Astra Theme activation issue.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Handle UTF-8 Character for URL.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Handled HTML and other special characters in Heading.
  • Fix: Post Timeline – Timeline Layout for Left/Right messed up issue fixed.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Border radius not working.
  • Fix: UI improvement on UAG Admin Setting page.


  • Improvement: Inline CSS generation markup as per w3c standards.
  • Improvement: Hardened the security of the plugin.
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Toolset Views.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Scroll to Top issue in some scenarios.
  • Fix: Font Families not applying if it’s name contains a space.
  • Fix: Undefined constant FS_CHMOD_FILE issue.
  • Fix: WP Rocket – “javascript defered without safe mode jQuery” compatibility.


  • Improvement: Post – Post Title tag can be span/p.
  • Improvement: Post – Column count increased to 8.
  • Improvement: Post – Excerpt length maximum value increased.
  • Fix: Gutenberg 7.6 compatibility fixes.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Column width issue for responsive devices.
  • Fix: Contact Form 7 Styler – Styling not applied in editor mode.
  • Fix: Gravity Form Styler – Styling not applied in editor mode.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Advanced Heading getting skipped in some case scenario.


  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Column width issue.


  • Fix: Table of Contents – Fixed console error in some case scenario.


  • Improvement: Advanced Columns – Introduced New Shape Dividers.
  • Improvement: Now blocks use class to generate dynamic CSS instead of ID.
  • Improvement: Dynamic File Generation – Improved filesystem classes.
  • Improvement: Content Timeline – Date Format option added.
  • Improvement: Post Timeline – Date Format option added.
  • Improvement: Table of Contents – Dynamic anchor links are created at front end instead of modifying Heading Anchor attribute.
  • Fix: Icon List – Disabled Link icon list item no more uses anchor tag.
  • Fix: Safari Browser – JS console error for sourceMap URL.
  • Fix: Social Share – JS console error in some cases.
  • Fix: Social Share – Sharing issue with Reusable Block.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Conflict with Section.
  • Fix: Testimonial – JS console error when Reusable Testimonial used with normal Testimonial.


  • Fix: Icon List – Block validation issue for WordPress 5.3.1.
  • Fix: Blockquote – Block validation issue for WordPress 5.3.1.
  • Fix: IE11 – Console error on New Post page issue fixed.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Stripped HTML tags in Headings for Table of Contents in few cases.


  • Fix: Post – Custom post taxonomy creating errors in some scenario.


  • Fix: Table of Contents – Stripped HTML tags in Headings for Table of Contents.
  • Fix: Typography Control – Responsive Font Sizes not editable.
  • Fix: Responsive Control – Responsive options not editable.


  • Improvement: A dynamic CSS file will be generated, earlier inline CSS was loading on the page.
  • Improvement: WordPress 5.3 compatibility changes.
  • Improvement: Content Timeline – P and Span tag options added for Price List Title.
  • Improvement – EditorsKit navigator toolbar support.
  • Improvement – Filter added to disable redirect on activation
  • Improvement: Post – Show/Hide Category option added.
  • Improvement: Post – Show/Hide Title option added.
  • Improvement: Post – Filter for attributes.
  • Improvement: Price List – P and Span tag options added for Price List Title.
  • Improvement: Post Timeline – P and Span tag options added for Price List Title.
  • Improvement: Rank Math SEO compatibility.
  • Improvement: Social Share – Removed jQuery dependency for Social Share script.
  • Improvement: Table of Contents – Margin option added.
  • Improvement: Testimonial – Enabled to add more than 10 testimonials.
  • Fix: Correctly added nonce to allow notice to be dismissed.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Nested Columns causing an issue for stacking options.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons – Font Size not replicating on front end issue in few themes.
  • Fix: Post – Added {$attributes} parameter to the Query filter.
  • Fix: Post – Border Color not being applied on hover.
  • Fix: Post – Invalid Font Family being applied issue.
  • Fix: Post – Seo analysis tool scan timed out issue.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Console error fixed in editor.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Carousel arrows issue with OceanWP theme.
  • Fix: Post Masonry – Masonry not working in Safari browser issue.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – JS issue with Social Share.
  • Fix: Typography – Decimal values allowed for the Font Sizes.
  • Deprecated: Advanced Columns – Deprecated Content Alignment option.


  • Fix: Reusable Block – Dynamic CSS not generated for Reusable Blocks in Advanced Columns.
  • Fix: WooCommerce Compatibility – Shop Page Common CSS not been enqueued issue.
  • Fix: Contact Form 7 Styler – Unregistered console error for certain case scenario issue.
  • Fix: Gravity Forms Styler – Unregistered console error for certain case scenario issue.


  • Fix: Section – Missing Theme Width issue.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Missing Theme Width issue.


  • Improvement: Better methods to handle the assets that enhance the speed of the website.
  • Improvement: WooCommerce Compatibility – Now WooCommerce Pages could also be designed using Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg.
  • Improvement: Restaurant Menu – Increased Limit to menu list count.
  • Improvement: Marketing Button – Responsive option for Button Padding.
  • Improvement: Section – Added px/% option for Inner Width.
  • Improvement: Table Of Contents – Added Collapsible feature.
  • Improvement: Info Box – Added option to retain the natural width of the Image.
  • Fix: Admin notice causing issue.
  • Fix: Broken CSS getting generated for Advanced Column and Section issue.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Background Video not visible in iOS.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Testimonial inside Advanced Columns in Firefox browser issue.
  • Fix: Marketing Button – Background Color and Background Hover Color opacity issue.
  • Fix: Marketing Button – Incorrect Font Family for Edge browser issue.
  • Fix: Blockquote – Preview for the quote and author styling options not working issue.
  • Fix: Post – Image Width issue for smaller images.
  • Fix: Section – Background Video not visible in iOS.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents – Scroll Offset and Scroll Delay not working issue.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents – Supports Advanced Heading.
  • Fix: Testimonial – Inline Editing for Testimonials in safari issue.


  • Fix: CSS not applying on the front-end if the range control field value was 0.
  • Fix: Line height field didn’t accept decimal values.


  • Fix: PHP notices in some cases fixed.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Spacing limits increased.
  • Fix: Icon List – Text decoration issue with few themes.
  • Fix: Post – CSS conflicts with few themes.
  • Fix: Section – Spacing limits increased.


  • Improvement: Table Of Contents – Changed the bullet styles for sub lists.
  • Fix: Table Of Contents – Scroll to Top option not working on frontend.


  • New: Table Of Contents.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns – Added px/% option for margin and padding spacing.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns – Introduced Gradient Overlay for background type of Image.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns – Added % option for Custom Inner Width.
  • Improvement: Section – Added px/% option for margin and padding spacing.
  • Improvement: Section – Introduced Gradient overlay option for Image background.
  • Improvement: Testimonials – Added filter uagb_testimonials_slick_options to change the slick options.
  • Fix: Button – Text align justified option not working.
  • Fix: Icon list – Underline issue with 2017/2019 theme.
  • Fix: Post Timeline- Disable image option not working.


  • Fix: Testimonial – Border options not working in editor.
  • Fix: Icon List – Border options not working on frontend.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Removed Extra padding from the editor.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Block settings not visible in the editor.


  • Fix: CSS not applying to inner blocks on front end in some cases.


  • Improvement: Performance – CSS optimization upto 50%.
  • Improvement: Post Carousel – Added equal height option.
  • Improvement: Info Box – Added separator position option.
  • Improvement: Advanced Heading – Anchor compatibility to heading tag.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns – Introduced Bring to Front option for Shape Divider.
  • Fix: Team – Default font-size issue for title tag.
  • Fix: Post – Background color not visible if image applied as background.


  • Fix: Language directory issue on IIS server.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Carousel not working.


  • Improvement: Added version number to script.
  • Fix: Post – Conflicts with FacetWP.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Columns option for responsive devices not working on front end.
  • Fix: Section – Spacing issue in editor for Full Width layout.


  • New: Gravity Forms Styler
  • Improvement: Performance – JS related to disabled blocks are not loaded.
  • Improvement: Post – Added more Order By options to the Query Builder.
  • Improvement: Post – Conflicts with Toolset Layouts, WPCasa, FacetWP fixed.
  • Improvement: Icon List – Border options added.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Column spacing issue in editor.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Shape Divider height responsive compatibility.
  • Fix: Contact Form 7 Styler – Select box alignment & height issue.
  • Fix: Info Box – CTA type of Complete Box structure change.
  • Fix: Post Carousel – Arrows not visible in front end issue.
  • Fix: Social Share – Email option opens a new browser tab issue.
  • Fix: Testimonial – CSS conflict fixed
  • Fix: Testimonial – Arrows not visible in front end issue.


  • Fix: PHP Error – Conflict with Astra v1.7.0


  • New: Marketing Button
  • Improvement: Post – Added Compatibility to Custom Post Types and Taxonomies.
  • Fix: Info Box – Call To Action links disabled in back-end editor.
  • Fix: Call To Action – Links disabled in back-end editor for Link to Complete Box.
  • Fix: Content Timeline – Timeline count not updating the content.
  • Fix: Post – CSS issue with Twenty Nineteen theme.


  • New: Contact Form 7 Styler
  • Fix: Multi Buttons – Fixed PHP notices.
  • Fix: Icon List – Disable Link CSS issue.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns – Introduced Opacity option for Shape Divider.


  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Column wrapping issue due to v1.9.0
  • Fix: Icon List – Disable Link not working issue.
  • Fix: Post – Rest API fields conflict removed.
  • Fix: Post – Extra HTML removed when Featured Image is absent.
  • Fix: Post Timeline – Arrow position bottom issue.
  • Fix: Price List – Layout issue at first drag-drop.
  • Fix: Content Timeline – Viewport visibility issue.
  • Fix: Content Timeline – Date validation error.
  • Fix: Post Timeline – Bottom Layout CSS issue.
  • Improvement: Typography Support – Font Family, Font Size, Line Height etc.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns – Columns Reverse option added for Tablet and Mobile.
  • Improvement: Icon List – Added icon position option.
  • Improvement: Post Timeline – Added Action/Filter hooks.


  • New: Blockquote
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Move block handler button issue.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Fixed Background Image property disabled for Mobile devices.
  • Fix: Icon List – Extra p tag case handled in Icon List.
  • Fix: Info Box – Prefix responsive font size not working issue.
  • Fix: Post – Responsive font size not working for desktop issue.
  • Fix: Section – Fixed Background Image property disabled for Mobile devices.
  • Fix: Testimonial – Background Image not visible while editing.
  • Improvement: Padding, Margin options redefined for better user understanding.
  • Improvement: Post – All registered Image Sizes are fetched.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns- Responsive compatibility to Column Width.


  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Bulk Deactivate caused missing Column block.
  • Fix: Call to Action – Width issue when elements stack.
  • Fix: Icon List – Label not editable in Firefox browser.
  • Fix: Reusable Blocks CSS issue in Section/Advanced Columns blocks.
  • Fix: Social Share – Extra height and space issue.
  • Improvement: Responsive Support with Mobile Editing Block Controls


  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Editor end, width issue.
  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Editor end, move pointer overflow issue.
  • Fix: Info Box – Separator width issue.
  • Fix: Testimonial – Border radius independent of Border Size issue.
  • Fix: Social Share – Links not updated in reusable block issue.
  • Fix: Conflict with GeneratePress theme.
  • Improvement: Restaurant Menu is now Price List.
  • Improvement: Replaced all Font Awesome Icon with SVG.
  • Improvement: Dynamic image sizes for the Team and Info Box block.
  • Improvement: Better UX in editor.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns – Added border option for inner column.
  • Improvement: Advanced Columns – Added alignment option for inner column.
  • Improvement: Changed Block Category name to Ultimate Addons Block.


  • New: Advanced Columns
  • Fix: Post Masonry – Messed view on first load issue fixed.
  • Improvement: Post – Added Action/Filter hooks.


  • New: Call to Action
  • Fix: Section – Background Opacity issue fix.
  • Improvement: Post – Added an option for Complete Box Link.


  • Fix: Info Box – Editable RichText issue with Prefix.
  • Fix: Icon List – Editable RichText issue with List Label.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons- Editable RichText issue with Button Text.
  • Improvement: Content Timeline – Date value can be both Dates and Arbitrary Text values.


  • Improvement: Post – Added an option for Content Padding on Mobile devices.
  • Improvement: Post – Added an option for padding to Read More link button.


  • New: Post Masonry
  • Fix: Icon List – Gap between items not being applied on editor issue fixed.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Twenty Nineteen theme related issues fixed.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Alignment issue fixed.
  • Fix: Restaurant Menu – Duplicate block content error.
  • Fix: Testimonial – Arrow and Dots design options added for Carousel.
  • Fix: Testimonial – Duplicate block content error.
  • Improvement: Info Box – Added option to Enable/Disable Prefix, Heading and Description.


  • New: Post Carousel
  • Fix: Icon List – Image height issue fixed.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons – Border not applying in few cases in editor issue fixed.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Background Overlay Options added when Image is set to background.
  • Fix: Social Share – Icon with background CSS issue fixed.
  • Fix: Testimonial – Image alignment issue for the top position fixed.
  • Improvement: Post Grid – Added Border options for CTA button.
  • Improvement: Section – Added option to inherit Content Width from Theme.


  • New: Post Timeline
  • Fix: Section – Spacing values update issue.
  • Fix: Restaurant Menu – Separator alignment issue.
  • Fix: Restaurant Menu – Content padding issue.
  • Fix: Testimonial – Set slick dots color same as arrow color.
  • Fix: Info Box – Spacing issue below Info Box Description.
  • Improvement: Updated Font Awesome CSS to v5.6.0.
  • Improvement: Advanced Heading – Added separator style option.
  • Improvement: Post Grid – Added hover color options for CTA button.
  • Improvement: Info Box – Added hover color options for CTA button.
  • Improvement: Info Box – Added before/after icon CTA button.
  • Deprecated: Content Timeline – Connector Hover properties removed.


  • New: Icon List
  • New: Restaurant Menu
  • New: Testimonial
  • Improvement: Compatibility to latest Gutenberg


  • New: Content Timeline
  • New: Team
  • New: Social Share
  • Improvement: Compatibility to WordPress 5.0


  • New: Google Map
  • Improvement: Compatibility to Gutenberg v.4.3.0


  • New: Info Box
  • New: Section
  • New: Multi Buttons
  • New: Post Grid
  • Improvement: Advanced Heading – Compatibility to Gutenberg v.4.1.1


  • Initial release